Love on the Reef (2023)


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A smart and serious marine biologist and a fun-loving and laissez-faire dive instructor must team up to save their beloved reef from being destroyed before it’s too late.

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Love on the Reef Movie Reviews

The location is nice and that’s about all.

Another dud film from Reel One and Paramount+. It was so bad that it’s hard to decide where to start. This looks like another rushed movie that was written in one day, they casted it with people they randomly met and filmed it in a few days.

The script was garbage and the dialog was even worse. The people who bring a script to life are called actors and they really should know how to act. A director is expected to actually direct the actors and not be sleeping in a trailer somewhere. When the script, the casting and the direction are all garbage, you can’t expect to produce anything watchable.


Another day and another Reel One Entertainment TV movie which takes place in the beautiful State of Florida, it was actually shot there, and that’s a good thing. The less Hamilton or Kelowna pretends to be a random US city the better. The whole production is obviously low budget. IMO probably the lowest budget ROE TV movie I watched. It was so barebone that there wasn’t a single car or truck involved!

As almost every ROE TV movie you can expect some technical issues. Shockingly, there is no loud background music when cast talked, and music was done very well overall. However, there are few big audio issues in several scenes. For example, M. Herrmann sounded well, but Ansley sounded like she was talking, I don’t know how to explain in English, it was just terrible, then camera switch to Marcus and he’s fine, switch to Ansley, suddenly good, then again bad. I’m trying to say that her voice changed several times in the same scene when camera was switching from her natural one to terrible sounding, and that was only issue with her voice recording. And there are few bad cuts but nothing serious like in some their other movies.

Cast was pretty good, but I have one issue with Ansley Gordon. It was the same issue in “Lean into Love” but I didn’t complain as I tought it was director’s fault however second time and it’s not coincidence any more. She just talks too fast in many scenes and it’s hard to understand what she says, and I have to rely on subtitles whih are always badly translated in this part of the world. Somebody slows her down as otherwise she is fine TV movie actress.

Writing was good enough, and I especially liked transition between Acts II and III in which many ROE TV movies fail hard. Overall, this is definitely one of the better ROE TV movies.

And obligatory don’t watch trailer if you plan to watch the movie as it shows everything as in every other ROE TV movie!