Luckless in Love (2023)


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A dating blogger who writes under the pen name Luckless, goes viral for a post about a bad date with a single sports agent. When Winnie’s boss offers her, her own column, she has no choice but to keep dating him for content.

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Luckless in Love Movie Reviews

Hokey plot with a few good actors.

UP buys B/C level films full of not well known actors. The difference between a rom-com that’s a success and one that is a disaster, is the quality of the script and this one didn’t make it. Jennifer Gibson (Inga) and Steffi DiDominicantonio (Kyra) were just annoying to watch. Brett Donahue’s English accent didn’t really work, don’t know if the accent was in the script or done at the director’s request.

Liam MacDonald (Ty) and Glen Michael Grant (Ret) were best among the cast, along Maria Ricossa (Yvette). MacDonald was natural and very believable as Ty.

Hamilton, ON, Canada seems to be the hub for the latest films, shoot exteriors on major cities and set them in Hamilton, cities look a lot alike.

Pretty solid

This is the second Reel One Entertainment TV movie in 2023 about single dad and is pretty solid. Of course as ROE TV movie there are always some technical issues – some scenes have loud background music so you can’t properly hear dialogue, but most of their movies are (much) worse than this one. I only noticed one really bad cut. And location was obviously like so many times Hamilton, CA pretending to be Chicago.

This movie shares similar plot with spins to “Bad Date Chronicles” (2017) which has superior cast, but it failed in execution with the stupid slapstick comedy in the several scenes. This one doesn’t suffer from it. Cast was overall fine but I personally mostly liked Jennifer Gibson. She killed it as Inga! Writing was fine, too except that Brett Donahue played fake Brit and I don’t understand why was that even important for the story at all because he could be American or even better Canadian, and that would change nothing for worse at least.

And as every other ROE TV movie, don’t watch trailer if you plan to watch the movie as it shows everything!