The Death and Return of Superman (2011)

83% – Critics
83% – Audience

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great just great

Awesomely funny take on the death and return of superman with Matt Bennett and Liz Gillies, both from the victorious TV show, which made me surprised when I saw them, weird. But it is very good though even if it may offend some DC fans with the negativity of the comic and DC itself. The writing is top notch and there are some really famous cast members in there, I think I saw Simon Pegg. I think it really should have more notice because of the star cast and writing. I think you will like it if you are familiar with the story liner or not because it is a laugh. I found this on YouTube and just thought it was a good video but then the cast surprised me and I found it here with one review so I just decided to be second because I felt like would be a good idea, if you haven’t seen it and are reading this then go to YouTube and search it.

Simply Hilarious

I saw this at the Cinefamily world premiere in Los Angeles, and as someone who has no interest in comics, I must say this was so much fun. It’s not your traditional short film. Rather, it’s kind of a hybrid between Red Letter Media’s Star Wars reviews and the Drunk History. Max Landis, son of director John Landis, has a real zeal for storytelling and makes the story of Superman’s death interesting and exciting. The short runs about 20 minutes which is about 5 times the length of most short films. But Max’s energy, the great costumes, fun effects and visuals make the time fly by. The most shocking aspect of this piece is the cast! Somehow Max Landis has managed to get film stars like Elijah Wood, Mandy Moore, television stars, internet stars, and even Academy Award Winning director Ron Howard to run around in silly costumed reenacting his interpretation of a Superman Comic. On top of being highly entertaining, DAROS is also educational in it’s own right. I walked out of there feeling more aware of what seems like a pretty important moment in the world of comics. I hope Max does more of these!

Would have been much better with subtlety. And a modest filmmaker.

The main reason I watched this 17-minute short film was Mandy Moore. I actually really like the idea of her being cast as Lois Lane and I certainly would approve of that decision in a real Superman movie. Unfortunately, Moore did not have that much screen time in here and also her voice was done by somebody else. Still it was nice to see her, it’s kinda rare these days with her being mostly in animation. Anyway, this film already starts off by the false perception by the filmmaker that there is something wrong with Superman. There is not. He is one of the biggest heroes out there and gets millions of people into theaters. This film was written and directed by Max Landis and he also narrated the story. So far, that is still fine. However, the way he comes off in here is that he is incredibly full of himself and believes he is a bigger star than Moore, Wood, Howard, McCurdy and Pegg. Why the hell would he speak their voices all the time. And why would he constantly show himself during this short movie. Has this guy heard nothing about subtlety. Literally, he is in the face of everybody during these almost 20 minutes and he is truly annoying with his constant rambling and how he thinks he knows the truth about everything. This way he destroyed a piece of filmmaking which actually had some potential to turn out good, even if he included every superhero you could think of in here. Quality over quantity, dude. Final verdict: Not recommended.