Michael Jackson: The Life of an Icon (2011)

71% – Critics
71% – Audience

Michael Jackson: The Life of an Icon Storyline

Producer David Gest presents a feature-length definitive portrait of his best friend, Michael Jackson, featuring never-before-seen footage and exclusive interviews with Michael’s mother Katherine and siblings Tito and Rebbie Jackson, covering all the highs and also the lows in the King of Pop’s extraordinary life story, uniquely told by those who knew him best.—Anonymous

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Michael Jackson: The Life of an Icon Movie Reviews

Amazing. Shows who he really was.

This documentary does a good job debunking the false allegations against him. It does a really good job with the second allegation. But it could have gone more into detail into the first one. Like it did not show the secret taped audio conversation of the father talking about trying to frame Michael for money.

But all in all. It was a great video with interviews of people who knew him. He was a fantastic kind human that we did not deserve. He will be missed. Rest in piece Michael Jackson. Long may you live.

Love it

Amazing documentary about the biggest Icon ever. It goes to great detail of the false allegations he suffered in 93 and 03. The director did a great.

Its very sad that such a kind soul was treated so freaking bad, which ultimately led to his death.

really good and informative

I never knew these facts. its really sad what he went through. those who falsely accused him should be ashamed of themselves. RIP Michael Jackson. I give this the highest score possible. Just incredible sad story. the world truly did not deserve him