Breath of Life (2023)

90% – Critics
90% – Audience

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Breath of Life Movie Reviews

Best Movie! Focus on the storyline

A very nice movie. I care more about the storyline and Creativity, than the cameras and all that. I agree the movie was a bit average, but who cares? The moral of the story is life changing, the creativity, futuristic design and out of the box thinking is on point. I haven’t seen many Nigeria movies go out of their way to do something more “Out of the box” if you know what I mean.

We don’t have to act the usual ways we act. We can spice things up a bit and be different. This movie is an example of that.

To be honest, the ending made me rethink my life a lot. I have been through a lot, and thinking of the number of times God has saved me, I strongly agree that everyone has a purpose.

Please watch! The cinematic, camera, lightening whatever doesn’t matter.

Best Nollywood movie ever

This is like the Best Nollywood movie I’ve seen in a life time …. The pacing is just too perfect, great character development, good acting and also good casting. …. The movie thought a lot of great lessons, it has a lot of moral lessons, the English spoken is audible, the characters are great, the cinematography is a 10,the locations are great ……….. I think directors need to learn from whoever directed this movie because this is just too perfect ….. And I hope to get more of this from the Nollywood Industry. …….. Forget about the critics, they are just there for hating………

The Narrator and the Old Man

This film had potential to be something more. It has a resonating story but the execution leaves the viewer wanting more.

First off, the narration which wasn’t that well done seemed to get in the way, coming in almost every 10 minutes or so. Moments I expected a pause for dramatic effect were just wasted, with the actor providing the voiceover sounding like he was reciting a boring poem.

I’ve heard that Wale Ojo is a good actor. I’m not convinced after seeing this. His portrayal of a grief-stricken man comes across as too mechanical; the character is basically a robot that could suddenly switch from annoying to downright cheerful in a second.

The love subplot between the houseboy and his girl seems forced and I didn’t buy the hasty way she fell for him.

Generally, the acting doesn’t compare to what is obtainable on remarkable Nollywood films these days. The only person who impressed me a bit is Genoveva Umeh.

Perhaps the biggest issue with Breath of Life is that it is a Nigerian story told as if it’s from the Western world. This reflects in a lot things, the dialogue included. We Nigerians don’t talk like that for God’s sake and we certainly don’t behave like that.

For what it’s worth, the third act leaves a lasting impression but it’s not enough to elevate this movie beyond its mediocre quality.