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Comedic Royalty will take place, up close and personal, as the Undisputed Queen of Comedy and One Chandelier Sommore, takes the stage at the Wick Theater, for the Live Taping of her 6th comedy special entitled “Queen Chandelier” slated for Prime Network Television and Multi-Platform Release. Sommore brings an entertaining, fresh and unique perspective to her comedy by using her hilarious wit, exceptional intelligence and a style that is truly all her own. This offering will be no different, dealing with topics ripe for the time and beyond, and cover everything from surviving Covid-19 Quarantine to the controversial life issues that effect everyone. Her views and perspective of the climate in which we live will only make her message ring more crisp. The show promises to be both historic and hysterical.

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Not my style of comedy…

Well, I am not familiar with Sommore in any way, so as I sat down to watch the 2023 comedy special “Sommore: Queen Chandelier”, it was without knowing what I was in for here.

And while Sommore definitely had a firm grip on the audience in Boca Raton, where the show was filmed, I have to admit that I wasn’t really finding much enjoyment or amusement in this 2023 show. Perhaps I wasn’t a part of the target audience, but I didn’t laugh more than once throughout the course of the 69 minutes that the show ran for.

Sure, Sommore does have some charisma and stage presence, but the contents of the material and jokes throughout the show just fell short of being funny or enjoyable for my liking and my particular sense of humor.

I did get through the entire show, as I wanted to see if the show would start to change its direction and the jokes actually turning out to become funnier. But it just never happened. But on the upside, then I am sure that there is definitely an audience out there to enjoy the “Sommore: Queen Chandelier” show, no doubt about it. Just because I wasn’t amused, doesn’t mean that it is not a good show. We all have different likes and preferences, and “Sommore: Queen Chandelier” just happened not to be something for me.

My rating of “Sommore: Queen Chandelier” lands on a four out of ten stars.