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Maddie, a local reporter investigating a series of killings targeting similar looking women is caught off guard when her younger sister Olivia, is attacked in her own home. Urging on the side of caution, Maddie suggests they take a self-defense course. When Olivia starts to fall for their instructor, Maddie becomes skeptical when he refuses to reveal anything about himself, and tries to intervene before the relationship turns into a deadly obsession.—jakkepoes

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A Special Bonding of Sisters

The wordy title “My Sister’s Serial Killer Boyfriend” does not convey the special bonding of the two McIntyre sisters, Maddie and Olivia. Their lives have been haunted by the kidnapping of their baby sister Abigail at a time when they were caring for her in the park. Now, as adults, the older sister Maddie is carefully watching over Olivia when she starts a relationship with a quirky defense instructor.

There was not much suspense or any significant twists to the narrative. The best scenes were those with the two sisters. Olivia feels that she wants to break away from her control freak of a sister. But Maddie has excellent instincts and the nose of an investigative reporter. It is clear to her that Olivia is rushing too fast into the relationship with Haden.

The screenplay incorporated an interesting detective named Jack. Maddie has met him on a dating site, and their early, wild encounters occur in the bathroom of a bar! But Jack turns out to be of great support to Maddie, and, based on the denouement, he even has long-term prospects in Maddie’s life.

The film was crisply directed with good locations, apparently around Atlanta. But the most memorable part of the film is the enduring love between two sisters.

Maddie was awful

I could not stand the wannabe reporter/sister Maddie in this movie. She was completely disrespectful and rude to everyone. She was the real psycho in this movie.

For example-She was absolutely hateful to the female cop who responded to the stuck in the garage call.

And when her reporter friend was murdered, no mourning for him. Nope. Just wants to move on and prove SHE’S RIGHT, that’s all. Her boss showed the most compassion or common sense of anyone in this movie by firing Maddie the Awful and showing thoughtfulness about the murdered boy’s parents. The boss and the convenience store clerk were the only likable characters in the whole movie.

Such a yawnfest!

This was the usual Lifetime movie storyline of a young woman who’s head over heels with a guy whom she doesn’t know is a serial killer on the loose. However the sister/mother has suspicions which are confirmed halfway through, *yawn*. If I had a quarter for every time this plot device was repeated, I’d probably have enough money to buy myself a car (maybe a Tesla).

The acting and cinematography were dull, The characters were unbelievable, and it would’ve been a bit better with someone else playing Olivia. I’ve seen rocking chairs, carved sculptures, and kitchen cabinets that were less wooden than Revell Carpenter’s acting.

Rib Hillis’s role in the movie was no different than all of his other villainous roles, though I originally believed that he was innocent and that there would be some sort of twist. But I learn to not have such high expectations and standards for LMN flicks because they will leave you disappointed.

And of course there had to be a point where the psycho trapped the object of his obsession in a place far away from any civilization and no cell service. And the mother/sister/relative had to rescue her. If I had a quarter for every time THAT plot device was reused and repeated, I’d probably have enough money to buy myself a decent, two story house.

It’s sad that the actors of these films care more about getting paid than actually entertaining their audiences. So they don’t even try putting their all into their acting skills. I’m still hoping for 2023 to be the year Lifetime starts turning themselves around and start caring more about quality than quantity. Though like I said in my previous review I shouldn’t get my hopes up. I’m not expecting their movies to be the same type of quality and budget as Hollywood produced movies, just, better THAN this! Please?