The Love Club Sydney’s Journey (2023)


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Former star track athlete, Sydney, is now a successful food blogger who still holds a flame for her college boyfriend whom she hasn’t seen in ten years. After running into him unexpectedly, she discovers he has entered the Valentine 10k Run and doesn’t want to miss out on an opportunity to reconnect. She quickly signs up for the run then recruits The Love Club – four women who made a vow to always be there for one another during times of romantic troubles – to help. After being paired up with a running buddy and also the chef and owner of a struggling local restaurant, it becomes apparent to everyone but Sydney that it is Theo (not her ex) who seems to share a bond with her – especially over their love of food and cooking. As Sydney helps Theo elevate his menu to buzzworthy appeal, Theo helps Sydney reach the finish line.

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The Love Club Sydney’s Journey Movie Reviews

Much Better Than the First

I love the idea of having all four movies start with the same prologue, but shown from each character’s perspective.

Nicole’s movie disappointed me. I like Sydney’s movie much more. She is a likable protagonist who goes through some characters growth. And she becomes good friends with the male love interest, who’s also likable.

It seems like the Love Club takes a more active role this time around. In the first movie, they were pretty much spectators. In the second movie, they actually get involved.

Even though I disliked the first movie, I wish they had brought Josh back for a cameo. You can tell that all four movies were filmed as one big project. If you pay attention, the first two stories drop hints of what to expect in Lauren’s movie.