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A typical middle-class 70-year-old widower, Atmaram Dubey (Gajraj Rao), who has been celibate for decades, realizes he will probably never have sex. This awakening catapults him into an outrageous journey of self-discovery defying societal norms. Atmaram lives in Ujjain and specializes in creating sketches with typewriters. He is 70 yrs old. He has 2 daughters who are married and have their own families Gungun (Anamika Tiwari) & Saloni (Aditi Arora). Gungun is married to Vakil Babu (Shashie Vermaa) and Saloni to Kailash (Chandan Anand). He has a son Mukesh (Sunny Hinduja) and his wife Anu (Anurita Jha).The entire family has gathered to celebrate Atmaram’s 70th birthday. Kailash’s son breaks the photo frame of Atmaram’s dead wife. Behind the photo, Kailash discovers Atmaram’s passport, with a visa to Thailand. Vakil Babu is super offended and promptly leaves the house with his family.When confronted, Atmaram tells Mukesh that he was lonely after his wife’s death. He was suffering from onset of erectile dysfunction. He spoke to his friend Tiwari (Sharad Vyas). Atmaram says he wants to have sex once before he dies. As his problems mount, Atmaram tries to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge but is stopped by Santulan Kumar (Divyendu Sharma). Atmaram confides his problems to Santulan, that he hasn’t had sex in 22 years. Santulan promises to solve Atmaram’s problem. Santulan has friends Salim Bandwala (Ahmad Raza Khan), Prajapatee (Aamir Khan), Guddu (Saaket Chouhan) & Rakesh (Devendra Bisht).To start with Santulan takes Atmaram to meet Pehelwan (Uday Chandra), who has fathered kids at the age of 85, and is rumored to be in the possession of a secret formula that increases sex drive. Pehelwan understands the issue and advises Atmaram to exercise well and east lots of raw onions. Unknown to Atmaram, Santulan was making fun of Atmaram behind his back, with his friends. Eventually, Atmaram’s erectile dysfunction is cured, and he is super happy. Next problem is to have sex. Santulan offers a prostitute, but Atmaram is reluctant to do anything in Ujjain. Santulan books a prostitute in a lodge outside of town, but the owner of the lodge turns out to be his friend’s son and Atmaram is helpless to do anything.Santulan meets Jugnu Bhaiya (Rajpal Naurang Yadav) who has just returned from Thailand and tells him about scantily clad women and sandwich massages. Santulan gives this idea to Atmaram. Atmaram researches Bangkok on YouTube and watches a sex video, but is seen by the nosy and judgmental Panchal auntie (Vibha Chhibber).. He wriggles out of the jam but is now afraid what to tell the family if he decides to go to Bangkok. Santulan meets Mukesh as the organizer of a travelling Satsang and tells Mukesh that they need Atmaram for 8 days, as they take Satsang to different cities. Prajapatee gets the process started to get a passport issued for Atmaram. Finally the passport is issued and Santulan sends Atmaram on his way to Bangkok for a week full of adventurous fun. Atmaram lands in Bangkok and has the address which Santulan had given him. Atmaram takes a taxi (driven by Jhandu Singh (Anil Charanjeett)) to Pathumwan. Jhandu mistakes Atmaram for a fellow artist and takes him to a cultural center in Pathumwan. He is greeted by beautiful Thai girls, whom he thinks are prostitutes. He is sold a ticket to a concert, but he thinks he has bought a ticket to a sex romp with one of the girls.When Atmaram figures out that he is in the wrong place, he calls Santulan, who calls Jugnu to confirm the address. But Jugnu’s wife picks the phone and figures that Jugnu has been to Bangkok and beats him up. Meanwhile Atmaram is stuck in a foreign land, with no one to help him. 2 strangers appear and promise to take Atmaram to the correct address, but they take him to a secluded place instead and attempt to rob him. Atmaram is saved by the oncoming police only. Eventually Atmaram calls Jhandu Singh and spends the night at a clean hotel. Jhandu Singh says that if Atmaram had said “Boom-boom” instead of Program, there would be no confusion. Atmaram is embarrassed and calls Santulan, crying. He says he is being punished for have amorous thoughts at his age. Santulan calms Atmaram down and tells him to complete the mission.The next night Jhandu takes Atmaram to the red-light area with several treats on offer. Atmaram hires a girl he likes for the whole night. But despite the girl throwing herself at him, Atmaram is not able to consummate sex with her. He is haunted by the memories of the lovely time he spent with his wife, while she was alive.Santulan again counsels Atmaram to complete his mission, as these are sex workers and prostitution is their job. Meanwhile Jugnu finds Santulan and gives him a thrashing, which is seen by Santulan’s wife and daughter. Atmaram was roaming around on the beach when he is noticed by Rita (Alina Zasobina). Rita was a Russian who had been to India many times. Rita and Atmaram get talking and she says that she sleeps in a room sharing hostel every night. Atmaram invites her to his room. Santulan calls and when he learns Rita is in Atma’s room, he tells Atma to be careful as Russians are known to be thieves. But the next morning, Atma finds his money and passport safe and sound.Atma decides to join Rita for her journey to the Khao Sok Lake. Atma and Rita bond on their journey together. Atma tells Rita why he came to Thailand. For boom-boom. His wife died from paralysis 22 yrs ago. He says he could not complete his mission as he had no emotional connect with the prostitutes. Rita and Atma tour the Khao Sok lake together and Atma experiences paradise. That night Rita has sex with Atma, and helps him complete his mission to Thailand.Back in the present, Atma apologizes to Mukesh for lying to him. He says he lied as he feared Mukesh. Mukesh forgives Atma and celebrates his 70th birthday with pomp and splendor. Santulan and his friends also attend.

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The title is somewhat misleading as the Bangkok “massage” know as Yum-Yum and Boom-Boom can be seen more in-depth on Y/T with lots more explicate scenes. A 70 year old widower, who has never travelled beyond his native village, all of a sudden realizes he is Old” and wants to have sex, just one more time. He tells some relatives who either “judge” him or ridicule him in a cruel was, behind his back. He gets brave and travels to Bangkok Thailand in search of a sex partner. First he gets tricked in to just seeing a stage play. Then hires a hooker but falls asleep while she is showering which prompts her to just leave without any “action” taking palace. He then meets a beautiful Russian girl who is travelling around, just SEEING the world. Realizing that he hasn’t really LIVED, he decides to join her in her travels. Now he is starting to really live and enjoy the time he still has on earth. Aside from the happy ending, the rest of the movie is all about ridicule and extreme “judgement” by his entire family. The sooner he gets away from all of them the better. The loneliness of being single in old age is explored throughout the movie. I didn’t find much to laugh at but I suspect is was made as a comedy for Indian audiences.

How to live morally @ 60+

Great Sunday afternoon movie! Welldone to everyone involved, in particular the artist playing the son of main character. He reminded me of my elder brother!! Message is loud and clear, i.e.- Morality, ethics, soul, conscious of right and wrong. These things were never seen in Indian movies, at least for the last 25 years.. These movies are more like a wakeup call as to “Hey, Bollywood is changed”, It’s quite evident that more emphasis on location/background was analyzed, especially in a quaint way to approach it holistically that catches the viewer’s attention, in particular Ujjain’s temple and ghats that brought million memories flooding as if Ganges was roaring!! More movies like this please!!

It’s a clean sex comedy ??

*Right to Sex* – just like RTI is the topic, here..!!

We don’t expect our senior citizens to have a sex life. That’s especially true for people over 60.

Thai Massage tackles all these questions and more. It’s the story of a 70 year old widower who has started suffering from erectile dysfunction.

He wants to experience sex one more time before he loses the ability completely. *(Diyya Bujne se pehlle Jor se fadffadata hai ?)*

gajraj rao & Divyendu sharma both are good and played their own part very-well..!!

It’s a clean sex comedy that will definitely make you smile in places…!! ? – One time watch.