Amazing Love (2012)

  • Year: 2012
  • Released: 06 Nov 2012
  • Country: United States
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  • Available in: 720p, 1080p,
  • Language: English
  • MPA Rating: Not Rated
  • Genre: Drama
  • Runtime: 80 min
  • Writer: Dave Christiano, Rich Christiano, Greg Mitchell
  • Director: Kevin Downes
  • Cast: Sean Astin, Elijah Alexander, Kenton Duty
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58% – Audience

Amazing Love Storyline

When a confrontation occurs among the youth group, Stuart takes the opportunity to share with the group the touching story of the Old Testament prophet Hosea.

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Amazing Love Movie Reviews

Excellent, clean, and thought-provoking movie if you can see passed the camping scenes

This film is basically two movies in one: the story of modern teenagers on a Christian retreat in the woods, and the story of Hosea’s struggles with his wife and his people in the Old Testament. The Hosea scenes have excellent acting, beautiful scenery, and a deep and powerful plot. The camping-teenagers scenes have cheesy dialogue and terrible acting. It’s worth sitting (or fast-forwarding) through the one plot to get to the other. This movie is deep and mature, while still having little sex, violence, or profanity, which is not the case of so much trash produced these days. If you want a clean flick that will make you think, this one’s a keeper. I typically dislike Christian movies despite being a devout Christian, because they typically have terrible acting and cheesy dialogue, but the Hosea parts are different. Note that though this movie is clean and is based on scripture, I don’t think it’s suited for young children. The plot deals with prostitution and adultery (none of it acted on-screen). Kids would just be confused.

Simple, but Solid

I was unsure about this movie as far a Christian movie. Once we started it we realized that this was going to be sort of a comedy. I have led many youth trips and several into the woods, and this really hit the dynamic really well. I won’t lie and say the acting was good, but the story was. I liked the combining of two movies. One about a youth trip and the other about the prophet Hosea. It was a movie that really communicated the love of Christ for us. I would recommend this as a family safe movie that is moving for a small group.

This movie starts out with a small group of campers from a church going camping and one “outsider” coming along for the trip against her will. She does not want to fit in nor do some of those on the trip care if she does. Through the intervention of the youth leader and his wife and of course a wonderful bible story, hearts are changed.

Very good, full of hope

I was very impressed and touched by this movie”Amazing Love”.It is so good to see how God’s heart is so much for man. God is very patient, He never forces us but waits for us to turn our heart to Him.Unconditional love that God has for us. Today so many especially young people are looking for this. They may not know what they are looking for though.God put this desire within each man to know Him and express Him. The time of Hosea was very much like the days of Noah and also the same as the age we live in today. I am going to recommend this movie to my grandchildren. Thank you for producing a movie that makes you feel encouraged.