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Semmelweis Movie Reviews

Missed opportunity, 4,5

I think the life of Semmelweis has much greater potential that this movie displayed. It only focuses on the most recognized discovery of his. Too bad that it was not recognized in his lifetime, while the movie actually displayes it so.

Technicals were basic, sounds were raw and unpleasant in the first half. Costumes were ok. The fact that the movie had medical nonsense in it is disappointing as well. Just to mention two of them: Semmelweis asks the nurse to check for dilation when the lady is clearly in active labor. They mixed sedative in the wine. Problem is that sedatives were not invented yet. And they know that, because they mention ether several times in the movie.

Katica and Miklós did a great job in the movie. Actually Katica’s acting was very good, and Miklós did well despite I know him from theater. One small thing which was unfortunate in my opinion is giving the script about traitor and fighting a war in Miklós’s play. It resembles his character of Nemecsek and awakens the memory in the viewer as well.

I’m disappointed that they missed this opportunity, but found the movie otherwise alright, and I’m thankful for the actors for getting the best out of this script.

A crappy fairytale about a real-life hero

I’m quite disappointed to be honest. The technical side of the movie is totally ok. A little bit claustrophobic for me as basically there are no open spaces in the movie but still technically the film is ok.

The real downside is the storyline itself. Basically nothing was as it’s in the movie. The whole austrian-hungarian rivalry is a lie. Klein did not even exist. As such the whole laundry scandal is made up too. Emma is fictional too just as the espionage line. The autopsy of Kolletschka wasn’t preformed by Semmelweis as he wasn’t even in the country at the time of Kolletschka’s death. Semmelweis only studied the notes of the autopsy. As such it couldn’t not be a scandal.

If you watch the movie you just see a brainless propaganda movie. It’s an absolute disgrace that wants you to think that mean austrians mistreated a hungarian genius just because his nationality. It’s not better than those stupid soviet heroic movies.

Too bad that the filmmakers made a cheap and dumb propaganda movie instead of a historically accurate objective adaptation. Semmelweis should deserve more than that.

Excellent film

My students and I watched this movie today. They liked it a lot, and we talked about it for a long time afterwards, it seemed that it piqued their interest. The story is exciting, sometimes too much so naturalistic. Struggle and tragedies accompanied the film, presenting the XIX. Health condition of the century. I didn’t know many of the actors, but they all gave excellent performances. The young actor who played Semmelweis, Vecsey H. Miklós, created a convincing, real doctor character. Lajos Koltay’s excellent direction also contributed to the experience. The creators can be rightfully proud. I hope the film gets international recognition.