Flying for the Flag (2023)


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Hop in the cockpit with The Bandit Flight Team, America’s most active formation fliers. See how they stay wingtip to wingtip above major sporting venues and charity events putting on spectacular displays in honor of those who serve.

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Very Dissappointing

As an Irish avid NASCAR viewer, I have seen The Bandits do fly overs prior to race starts. I didn’t know who they were but, accepted them as flyover requests, the same as the military aircraft flyovers, over various race tracks.

I’m also retired military avation so, I know a little about military pilots and aircraft.

It wasn’t until I came across this documentary that, I found out who this flight team actually are. I was looking forward to being informed regarding this flight team, unfortunately, all the information was given within the first fifteen minutes.

The rest of the documentary was just a gap filler, gave no information, and didn’t even have good visuals.

Aircraft? We don’t need Top Gun however, we need what we come to expect regarding War Aircraft, whether native or forgein. Information.

That may have happened over the course of the rest of the documentary, the problem was/is, no one was interested. It got bloody boring, even for those with aviation history.

I was looking forward to learing about these wonderful pilots, I gave up.