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Clumsy Raif Moyle returns to Cheshire for the wedding of his elder brother Tim to Saskia, their old school friend, who was something of a wild child in the past. To the mild consternation of Saskia’s socially-conscious mother Alex, Raif proposes that, in addition to his duties as best man, he will make a video of events leading up to and including the wedding. This means he spends a lot of time with Saskia and begins to realize that, beneath the surface, the happy event may turn out to be less than happy for all concerned. Fortunately, a wedding does eventually take place with surprises all round.—don @ minifie-1

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The Wedding Video Movie Reviews

Could use a little more edge but Lucy Punch is fabulous

Why this movie gets such angry reviews is a mystery to me. It’s no way an innovative story and has no daring Hangover jokes but it’s absolutely entertaining. The comic moments are delivered well but it stays a little on the timid side. It could have had more of an edge and there is a tendency to have rather great moments end in a bit of an anti climax. Lucy Punch is great as the former wild girl getting married. She has a unique quirky style that you either love or not at all; that was obviously the risk to leave the leading role to her. If this movie doesn’t suit you this might be why but there is nothing wrong with either the acting performance or the script.

quite lovely!

Having read the 2 reviews on here and seen some of the critics reviews I wasn’t expecting a lot from this film. I’m a fan of peep show and Robert Mitchell in general so thought I’d give it a go and was pleasantly surprised! If you take this film for what it is, a light hearted comedy romp, it’s actually quite enjoyable. Rufus Hound, who I have never heard of or seen before, was rather irritating to begin with in a Ricky gervais kind of way and I was worried this would ruin the film, but his character really grew on me and I think I was a bit in love with him by the end! The characters are all likable and amusing in their own ways and I’m sure some of them are fairly true to life, particularly the rich society women who are the “friends” of the mother of the bride! I found myself chuckling through a lot of the film and laughed out loud several times and left the cinema with a nice warm glow! It may not be a lasting classic but it’s a fun, sweet and enjoyable film and I would give it 7/10

Very nice British romcom, lovely to find when so few show up at the cinemas these days

Raif (Rupert Hound) has returned from being a perpetual vagabond to be the best man at his brother’s wedding. Tim (Robert Webb), the groom, is glad his brother has arrived but is not too sure about the gift Raif proposes. It’s his bro’s dream, you see, to videotape the days up to the wedding fro this sibling as a one-of-a-kind momento. Alas, there is a sticky wicket almost immediately, as Tim tells Raif his intended is Saskia (Lucy Punch). Raif is astonished, as Saskia went to his school and was something of a wild child. But, her mother Alex (Harriet Walter) has married extremely well and has “re-invented” both of their lives. Now, Saskia presents a persona of rationality, staidness, and wealth. As Tim has also risen to become a rich businessman, the two now seem perfect. But, are they? As Raif films the couple from the wedding gala to the wedding dance instruction to visits with the uptight wedding planner, is Saskia truly in love with Tim? Or, is her heart still yearning for someone else? This very nice British romcom has a great cast. Punch, who was a scream in Woody Allen’s You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger, is quite fine as the reformed free spirit while Webb and Hound are great as the opposite leaning sibs. Walter does a quietly harried turn as the newly rich woman trying to plan a high society wedding and the rest of the cast is great, too. There are a bevy of comic scenes, as the one in which a society bride, whose wedding was to be the season event, ends up riding her party-ship into the ice sculpture. As noted, its Icebergs 2, Titanic 0. Also mirthful is the episode with the snooty Russian choreographer who has been hired to teach the couple a wedding dance or two. Costumes, sets, the lively script, and the zesty direction make for a vastly fun film. Again, Hollywood why have you forgotten women or fans of romantic comedy? Must we now go to Britain to view something we like? It appears so. As I found this in the DVD store, there is a happy ending but I long for romcoms to actually make it back to the theaters across the land.