Desecrated (2015)

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A rich heiress and her friends head for a weekend of fun at her isolated ranch house in the middle of no man’s land. They soon find that the caretaker’s dark past, has taken him down a bloody killing spree.

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Desecrated Movie Reviews

Worst movie I seen in years

I never rooted for the killer like I did in this movie. I would’ve have loved if he made these idiots suffer more. Duff can’t act her way out of a wet 1 ply wet piece of tissue. The coward black guy just became annoying and it just felt good seeing him get shot. Slut #2 was a good head shot kill. Ben should’ve got some kind of award for killing off these pricks.

Horror Movie With No Horror

The first 5 minutes reeled me in thinking that this might be OK. It wasn’t. It took a nosedive and kept on diving. So many clichés, moronic characters, and worst of all, an unscary killer.

There was absolutely no horror, suspense, or tension building scenes. The only way to enjoy this movie is in a drunken stupor.

What was up with Timmy? Where did he live? Where was his parents? Timmy heard the bomb and called the police, but yet his parents still let him go up alone? How did Timmy survive all this time? Really, who cares? This movie doesn’t deserve anymore attention and I definitely won’t see Desecrated 2 (yes, the ending leaves that boring possibility open).

The trailer, the tire, what’s next?

The film opens with three guys hunted and killed in the woods by a large man in a gas mask. Next Haylie Duff is introduced as what would be “the final girl” for another cabin-in-the-wooods type of film. There is only one suspect for the killer and they don’t keep it a mystery. They let you know on the back of the DVD cover.

Boring people with boring dialogue. The kill scenes are camera shy.

Guide: F-word, implied sex, implied rape. No nudity