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Based on Julian Rubinstein’s New York Times Editor’s Choice pick, The Holly: Five Bullets, One Gun, and the Struggle to Save an American Neighborhood (FSG, 2021), THE HOLLY highlights anti-gang activist Terrance Roberts. When the film starts, Roberts-whose anti-gang work won him grants and awards-faces life in prison. In an incident that shocked the city of Denver, Roberts shot someone at his own peace rally. The shooting happened in the so-called “Holly,” a neighborhood that was once at the center of Denver’s civil rights movement, and later became Roberts’ turf when he was a gang member. The high-profile case becomes an unexpected window into the machinations of the gang war.

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Profound movie! Must watch!!

This film is very profound and is an eye opener for what’s happening to our youth in Denver. I’m proud to see Terrance Roberts is running for mayor. It’s time for real leadership and change in this city and me and my family are supporting his campaign.

Hopefully now we can talk about what youth of color are going through in America. Terrance Roberts has been fighting for justice for decades and now he can fight for justice as the next Mayor of Denver. There should be a reality show around his campaign as we speak, someone in Hollywood is dropping the ball and missing out on historical content.