Ice Road Killer (2022)


Ice Road Killer Storyline

Follows Helen and her daughter Lauren, who go on a trip to an isolated cabin in the cold north and meet a hitchhiker who actually is a thief trying to evade a cold-blooded killer, and now Helen and Lauren are on the murderer’s radar too.

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Ice Road Killer Movie Reviews

One reviewer got it right- too many dumb moves

Let’s see: 1) Momma has gun on bad guy, tells girl to go get cops. When she hears cops coming, she tells bad guy to stay there and she runs to get the cops.

2) Bad girl runs off to chase down what’s left of her boyfriend, does not check to see if gun is loaded.

3) when they know they are in trouble and are staying in Earls room, bad girl leaves and lets the door open and then good girls leaves and lets the door open.

4) early in chase, once semi passed, they could have turned round and left him totally- he can’t turn that rig around on that teeny road.

5) when bad girls hits man with tire iron, instead of hitting him again right away, she waits until he is back up and aware and she takes the time to make a declaration “This is for Boyd!’ and then it’s too late.

6) Maybe biggest error was when momma and good girl climbed in semi to get away, they did not bother locking the doors.

By the way, good girl was totally worthless throughout the film and bad trucker was made just a little too corny crazy.

the supposed bad guy you end up rooting for?

For some reason we are suppose care about a hitchhiker woman who steals peoples stuff. Oh and the dumb mom who supports the woman thief who was gonna steal from her. But she’s just like nah its cool love all good. Ill help you defend yourself from a guy who’s life you ruined by mugging him smashing his head causing him terrible injuries? DUMB DUMB DUMB movie dumb characters.


You can always spot a Canadian production a mile (km) away. Poor script and poorer acting.

Nothing about this Ice Road Truckers title rip up is remotely interesting, avoid going through the ice with quick thawing mess!