Isoroku Yamamoto, the Commander-in-Chief of the Combined Fleet (2011)

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Isoroku Yamamoto, the Commander-in-Chief of the Combined Fleet Movie Reviews

A different take on Tora Tora Tora

In fact for one who grew up watching Tora Tora Tora and Midway this was an interesting take on the “other side” of the war. It opens and sets scene on a pre-war depression in Japan and the unstable political climate between the Army and Navy factions. It covers the build up to the bombing of Pearl Harbor until Yamamoto’s death. As a depiction of Yamamoto it is kind in its portrayal, accurate or not I do not know. It appears at every turn that Yamamoto wishes to prevent war rather than extol it. The battle scenes are few, this is not the visual feast of the feature film Pearl Harbor.

I found the film interesting from a historical view, having visited Japan a couple of times I found the culture to be well captured and for the most part the historical events corroborate the earlier American movies mentioned earlier. I’m not a historian but it appears the overall gist is similar.

I think if you have an interest in the war in the pacific it is a film of interest but not an action film by any thinking. If you have no interest in the subject then the film will appear dry.

A good politically neutral biography of Yamamoto, strongly recommended watch

For a home-grown Japanese war movie, Yamamoto Isoroku (2011) is perhaps the most neutral, and historically accurate of Japanese movies. For once, it actually contains few historical biases, and portrays both the social and historical impacts in the way the Japan turned to the decision to wage war.

Though subtle, the movie makes reference to the Boshin War, a civil war in Japan that greatly divided the big families into two main camps: pro-Shogun and pro-Emperor between 1868-1869. Yamamoto belonging to the Nagato clan, clear rivalries exist and continued into early WWII.

Civilian life, while fairly quickly glossed over, shows the impact and the growth of patriotic nationalism, and politically motivated newspapers that ride on the wave of popularity. It is only when the war begins to turn for the bad (post 1944) does the public begin to realize the impact of the war, and how bad it is going for them – the war in Manchuria being a far away war that many do not feel the impact.

If anything, the movie tries to steer away from the typical politically “expected”, and while it is rather muted, aims to show the person whom Yamamoto was, rather than describe the war itself.

I think if you want a politically motivated movie of self- flagellation, there are other non-Japanese movies out there that will conform to pre-made opinions (such as a – but if you’re looking for a biography in rather muted and neutral terms that simply show the perspective of how things were, then this movie is surprisingly very good, and well deserving a watch.

Slow Burning, But Worth The Watch!!

Director Narushima aims high with this war biopic on famous Commander-in-chief, Yamamoto. While lengthy in its running time, its often slow-burning pace seems to add to that, although not particularly in a negative sense.

The Admiral is a pretty damn good film, and in terms of war movies based around Pearl harbour, is perhaps one of the more historically accurate, as well as neutral with very few biased views. Produced by Japanese movie studio legends, Toei – the film is pretty epic in story offering plenty of drama, with some nice CGI inspired dog-fights and naval action.

The story was created based on the long-lost diaries of Yamamoto himself, written between 1939 and 1941. Star Koji Yakusho (13 Assassins; Memoirs Of A Geisha) delivers a great performance as Yamamoto, with the rest of the cast impressing just as much. While not the kind of film I will be popping on again anytime soon, I was highly impressed with the overall production, and did find it to be an interesting watch.

It’s certainly less cheesy than Michael Bay’s ‘Pearl Harbour’ and definitely interesting to see such an event from the other side – and learning what caused Japan to take the steps it did in the war.

Overall: An impressive movie, The Admiral is worth the watch!