Estranged (2015)

  • Year: 2015
  • Released: 22 Aug 2016
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • IMDb:
  • Rotten Tomatoes:
  • Available in: 720p, 1080p, 720p
  • Language: English
  • MPA Rating: Not Rated
  • Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller
  • Runtime: 92 min
  • Writer: Simon Fantauzzo, William Borthwick
  • Director: Adam Levins
  • Cast: Craig Conway, James Cosmo, Bob Duff
  • Keywords: road accident,

Estranged Storyline

January is forced to return home after six years traveling abroad. A near-fatal accident has left her temporarily wheelchair bound and depleted of her long-term memory. She is accompanied by her boyfriend ‘Callum’ whom she met whilst traveling. He was also the driver in the fateful accident. Not only has she forgotten her family, but her childhood as well and is surprised to discover that her home is a stately manor in the middle of the country-side. As January tries to settle in, she finds herself becoming even more estranged from her family, who just want their daughter back. The trouble is, January cannot remember who that she was, or why she ran away. Desperate to discover why she left all those years ago and with Callum’s help, she sets out to find the truth. They soon discover the family are not as loving as they seem to be. Was there a dark reason why she left them in the first place?

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Estranged (2015)
Estranged (2015)
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Estranged Movie Reviews

Let’s Get Depressed!

I’ve never seen a movie get me to the point where I was just staring at my television screen numb for over an hour after the credits rolled.

I’ve watched a lot of horror and a lot of thrillers – to the point that if you go through my reviews, it’s kinda my genre. I’m always up for something new or something that can catch my interest and hold it the entire time. This film definitely kept it…but I’m wondering if that’s a good thing.

It starts our generic enough – woman in an accident with amnesia, goes to see her family and something’s not quite right. It’s a fairly familiar premise. Where this film differs is any sense of hope you have for the main character is just completely gone by the time the ending is coming up. So much so that even after the final scene, you just sit there feeling like it wasn’t enough. People should have been punished more to get that sense of catharsis for our lead. Instead, it leaves you feeling blank and numb for having watched it.

I’m giving this film 7/10 because it is something that many thrillers attempt, but fail at. Most films of this caliber just want to shock to shock. Where the characters are all deplorable, including the main ones, there’s violence and torture just to make you squirm. This movie doesn’t do that. You want our lead to succeed. You like her. You like her partner. You want there to be retribution. But after what our lead is put through, it doesn’t feel like any payback would ever be enough.

If you want to feel depressed and hopeless for a few hours after seeing a movie, watch this.

Haunted House in the Making

It isn’t often at all that a director will treat his audience to the actual making of a haunted house. I should say that this film is not for the faint of heart, and it is not for any viewer who has any problem at all with perversity of any kind. Perverse a’plenty, folks! So, we have a decrepit stone Georgian mansion, a family of weirdos, and a girl who doesn’t know head from tails. This is a classic Gothic film, Mystery, and, yes, Slasher all rolled into one. No jump scares, though, which usually makes or breaks a film for me, though I will still watch The Innkeepers and a few others, jump scares and all. Ever really wonder what the “prequel” of a haunted house is? This film will give you some idea.

Cheap and unsatisfying

ESTRANGED is a low budget British horror film that screams derivative at every step. The film’s protagonist is a young woman named January who is crippled in an accident abroad, an accident which leaves her wheelchair bound and without a memory. She returns to her ancestral home in the UK, but soon becomes convinced that her family members are out to get her. Is she going mad, or is there really a sinister plot at work?

It’s not hard to guess the outcome of this film because the same subject matter has been done to death elsewhere. Although the plot is slightly different, ESTRANGED seems to me to be a huge copy of the excellent French thriller FRONTIERS, especially in the format, the climax, the look and actions of the main girl, etc. Except where FRONTIERS excelled, ESTRANGED simply bores.

It’s one of those films that’s saddled with a dullish protagonist who you don’t even like, let alone care about. Actress Amy Manson can do nothing for her character. The rest of the cast don’t get much of a look in, particularly poor James Cosmo, who is such a fine, gruff actor but who is sorely wasted here. I did like Craig Conway, cast against type as the butler, as he’s always good fun. Sure, there are a few strong and/or edgy moments contained in this, but the whole greyed-out look makes it a depressing watch and CGI gore effects are always a disappointment for me too unless they’re done very realistically, which they aren’t here.