Louis (2022)

33% – Critics
57% – Audience

Louis Storyline

Unique portrait of Louis van Gaal: one of the best soccer coaches our country has ever known and the man about whom everyone has an opinion. In the film we see Van Gaal in his colorful life; not only his career, but also his background, family life and passions. For three years, the current national coach was filmed during work and private moments. In conversations with national and international soccer stars, but also with his wife and daughters, a complete picture emerges of the development of the Van Gaal phenomenon, his unprecedented career and the remarkable man behind the much-discussed image.

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I expected an entertaining documentary, instead I left the cinema overwhelmed and feeling a bit sad. We tend to see the rich and famous as special. Louis shows us that a famous rich football manager can also become sick, feel sad, feel pain, the documentary humanised him for me. Also the moments between Louis and Truus are so adorable, wish there was more of that in the movie.