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After a violent thunderstorm scares a house party, the guests flee to a nearby home for shelter.. only to discover, a more sinister hand is at play.. Now, they can’t escape the strangers home due to the thunderstorm, but they can’t stay inside due to the danger that follows them.—Production

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Global Warming Lightning

Massive lightning storms are hitting England. They are targeting the electricity found in mammals, like humans. The film runs with a subplot. The main story consists of Di (Gillian Broderick) and Bernie (Chris Cordell) going on a holiday and leaving their two adult teen daughters at home. They tell their parents one story while inviting their boyfriends over plus another couple. Meanwhile Johan (Richard Kovacs) kidnaps Tammy (Julie Stevens) and threatens to cut her up like he was done other women. When the parent’s car breaks down there is only one house nearby to seek refuge in the storm.

The special effects of this British film were less than Asylum grade. With the focus being on a killer storm, they needed a plot to go with it and the low budget gave them a very substandard ploy.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.

When the crews names aren’t on IMDB,….

….., It’s usually a sign of the “quality” of the production.

(Yeah, that’s sarcasm btw,..)

The dialog is less natural then a text-to-speech bot reading a phone book, and is delivered with more wood then a Burning Man bonfire.

The camera and lighting is, a bit ordinary, zero budget with a few toys and not enough experience yet, along with the preprogrammed ‘lightning’ mode on basic LED lights.

Sound is good, sadly good enough to hear how bad the dialog is… As for the visual effects, even The Asylum spends more time and effort on those.

Sure, with a name like Mega Lightning, one doesn’t expect awards winning performances or plot, but there’s a few places where the characters simply don’t do what real people would, they don’t run when they should, and the do run when they wouldn’t,.. the mother in the woods for instance, would not have done what she did.

The actors playing the sisters may have potential, but most of the rest show less effort or attention then required, leading to the upbeat party being more like a meeting of Depressing Performers Anonymous.

Don’t waste good popcorn on this one.