Meteor: First Impact (2022)


Meteor: First Impact Storyline

A scientist races the clock in an attempt to save Earth from a series of deadly meteor attacks.

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Meteor: First Impact Movie Reviews

HUH??? (Spoiler alert)

WHERE DID THE MOVIE GO??? It was a bad movie to begin with. Wooden acting (although to be honest, I actually liked a couple of the actors). Predictable obnoxious college student. Boss that won’t listen. Yada, yada. Okay, I kept watching. My mistake. But then-POOF! The end. Say WHAT??? The movie just….ended. Nothing got resolved. Plot lines left dangling. I expected it to go right into a “part two”, but it didn’t. It took me a minute to realize it was just….over. Why do so many of these films lately have completely unsatisfying endings? It’s like the writers decide they aren’t interested in actually finishing the movie, and just mail it in as is. AVOID AT ALL COST. It’s not even a movie that’s so bad it’s good. It’s just plain NOT.

Not Much Impact

I’m scratching my head over the people who gave this movie 10/10. I wonder if we watched the same movie. I usually am pretty generous if at least I enjoyed it but this movie failed to deliver much of anything. It was the usual scientist who nobody listens to at their own risk, and no issue was resolved. The acting was OK but the teen girl was terrible. The flashbacks were so awkward that I didn’t even know if I was still watching the same movie. Too much time was spent on the psychopath in the woods. As for typical disaster fare, there was nothing to get excited about, and based on what I did see, it is a stretch to believe that the meteors actually had the impact the scientist predicted.

Potential wasted unless producer was your 10 yr old nephew.

When I researched this title, 123 people had put in a rating and the average sat at 4.9, which doesn’t mean much with such low participation and then I read the one good review (there were only 3 at the time) from someone who actually took the time to write something substantial. It left me feeling I would be entertained, at the very least, giving this movie a shot.

5 minutes into it and while the acting was weak, I thought, OK, give the story itself a try, it has potential and maybe the acting gets better over time. The next 15 minutes set up more of the story and I’m thinking, can’t wait to see the disasters!

Boy, was I in for a wait…the next 40 minutes are very slow moving (I don’t want to spoil it but a kinder person would put you out of your misery before you get to this part). Imagine a slow funeral march, or how slow one walks when you’ve been shopping all day or running after the kids at an amusement park, and you’ll likely equate those 40 minutes to the same thing. OH! Watching a snail cross a football field works too.

Yes, like all disaster movies, time is always of the essense and things move quickly (or should). I think the director forgot that part in the story line. Nothing is rushed.

Last 18 minutes: There’s the meteor strike (that’s not spoiling anything since it is about meteors striking), scenes from nature, and a few populated areas with some very bad effects edited over them. Nothing gets destroyed, no one is running for cover or in a panic, even with massive fireballs flying low above them. Finally, there’s a bit of nerd talk that really doesn’t matter.

In short, let me save you time you could better use perhaps cleaning the crud between your toes, taking the trash out, or watching a spider spin its web. You would likely have more fun counting all the letters in the dictionary.

Anyone proud of this movie, would have to be related to the 10 year old who put it together. There is no real concept of impending doom, nor a rush to stop it. The person also had limited area to work with, so perhaps in their back yard or at camp is where most of the real footage was shot. Any and all disaster shots seemed to have been taken from the internet or some travel videos. My bet is on travel videos based on one of the scenic locations. From there, they used their limited CGI skills and you then have sonny’s amazing movie.