The Good Witch’s Family (2011)

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Mayor Tom Tinsdale plans a bridge as his legacy, precursor to Middleton, Delaware’s annexation to the city across the river. His wife Martha spearheads the opposition, but instead of her, the committee unanimously calls for Cassie to stand for mayor. Jake is preoccupied with controlling demonstrations, but soon finds indications that the merger may not be so good after all. Brandon is composing a song to get him into music academy, but counts for lyrics on buddy Wesley, an incorrigible womanizer, whom Lori has an instant crush on. Cassie invites her just-discovered maternal cousin Abigail, who has a mild criminal past and a knack for junior magic.—KGF Vissers

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Good Witch vs Bad Witch

Change is in the air in Middleton. Cassie’s running for mayor as her long-lost cousin Abigail shows up. Abigail is very similar to Cassie, at least in terms of her manner and mysteriousness. The scenes of the two of them subtly sparring are very well done. While Cassie’s preoccupied with her campaign, Abigail creates problems among Cassie’s family and friends. Meanwhile a proposed annexation of the town has Cassie and Jake on opposite sides, at least until Jake looks into the matter further.

This is the first movie in the series where Catherine Bell’s attempts at improving perfection result in noticeable differences to her appearance. Cheek injections and an upper lip that barely moves are the two most distracting changes. Performance-wise, she’s fine in this although the supporting cast and the guest-star steal her spotlight most of the time. Grandpa George is curiously missing from this one. It’s a really good entry in the series, possibly the best of all the sequels.

Love these movies but the inconsistencies are plenty.

It bothers me that the first couple of movies are all about Grey House to the point where it’s the focus of the first movie and she almost loses it in the second and the movie before this they make it a point to say that the grandpa, George will take over as half partner at Grey house to help run it.m so he can stay in Middleton. Then in this movie Grey house isn’t even shown and rarely spoken of, all the guests end up in the Russell house instead of Grey house where they should be and grandpa George isn’t in the movie and I don’t think even mentioned at all. Just pretty inconsistent and bothersome.

The series lost a bit of it’s sparkle with this one.

In the fourth instalment of The Good Witch series Cassie’s not so nice long-lost cousin comes to visit. Her character adds some new spark to a cast that seems to currently be going through an awkward phase. Their character development in this movie just wasn’t working for me unfortunately. And even the storyline was a bit non-existent.

This movie doesn’t feel as charming as the others and is somewhat transitional in the storyline. It’s just nowhere near as exciting. Although it wasn’t the greatest, I am still looking forward to watching the rest of the series. Hopefully they can recreate the charm of the original movies because it really is a lovely movie series.