The Delinquents (2023)

  • Year: 2023
  • Released: 15 Dec 2023
  • Country: Argentina, Brazil, Luxembourg, Chile
  • Adwords: 8 wins & 7 nominations
  • IMDb:
  • Rotten Tomatoes:
  • Metacritics:
  • Available in: 720p, 1080p,
  • Language: Spanish
  • MPA Rating: Unrated
  • Genre: Comedy, Crime, Drama
  • Runtime: 189 min
  • Writer: Rodrigo Moreno
  • Director: Rodrigo Moreno
  • Cast: Daniel Elías, Esteban Bigliardi, Margarita Molfino
  • Keywords:

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The Delinquents Movie Reviews

So good

This movie is so good, just a long, sweet mediation. The actors are great, the scenery is lovely, the story has a neat twist – I just can’t say enough about what refreshing change of pace it was, a very 70’s-late hippie sensibility to the film, like Easy Rider, say, laid back but with meaningful social commentary with a very respectful portrayal bordering on documentary of a sweet, simple land and life, none of which had to be explained or described or tediously walked through in a simplistic narrative fashion as is the case with most movies. It was a very satisfying aesthetic experience. The poem of the Great Salt Flats was new to me and I look forward to reading it again, I hope sales go through the roof thanks to the movie.


Warning: three hour movie incoming!

No worries, split this sprawl in two, and away we go. First half is a bank caper, the second an existential quest for idyllic existence. Nice.

Moran is a frumpy, bald bank teller, stuck in a nine to five glum who decides to shake up his life with an inside heist. His anagram Roman is an lanky bank teller who becomes an odd accomplice. Their anagram Norma is an effervescent hippie and the object of their desires. Their anagram is Namor and that has nothing to do with this film.

Moran is a man of simple means, who calculates exactly how much he needs to swipe to match his cumulative pay upon retirement, allowing escape from the rat race. Seems fair. His other calculation is three and a half years, which is the time spent in jail upon surrender with good behavior. Again, what could go wrong? Roman is reluctantly roped into the audacious plan, which surprisingly seems plausible, save a couple of hiccups.

Part two: the major hiccup: Norma. A dark-haired, free spirit prancing about the countryside with her film-maker friends, collecting eggs, riding horses, splashing in a swimming hole. Sweet. Moran and Roman fall for her in separate story lines, and it looks like we are headed for an anagram triangle confrontation. Also the bank starts to close in, and the tension begins, but when the movie should start to ramp up, it instead meanders and lingers on mundane passages instead. Sigh.

Lots of filmy things going on here, starting with the beautiful expanse of the Argentine countryside, and the savouring of life’s simple pleasures. An actor plays two characters and it somehow makes sense. Split screen shots feature Roman and Moran pondering their individual fate over cigarettes in different time lines.

For a heist and love triangle film, there’s a dearth of action, and not much return on your buck. This is a very small film with a very lengthy running time. Three hours may be a tall ask, but there is something weirdly captivating to savour, not just the characters, but the whole experience. “Delinquents” is quite captivating in an offbeat way.

  • hipCRANK.

A 90 minute film in a mere three hours

Let me begin by noting that I am not a big fan of fast moving films. I can handle slow pace and thoughtful scenic shots. But I signed in to this site primarily to give a thumbs up to the review by eviltrav above. That review precisely gets at what is wrong with this film. I suppose that movie critics have 3 hours to spend on a film like this, but I do not. Lots of subplots that go nowhere, lots of lengthy scenes of minor characters doing useless things which do nothing to develop their character, and long slow panning shots to nowhere. Too bad, because the plot device is a clever one, the characters are well developed at the beginning of the film, and the acting is good. The writing is pretty good for the first half and then it just falls apart. The director clearly fell in love with some of his footage and just couldn’t bear to edit it.