Daniel Tosh: Happy Thoughts (2011)

82% – Critics
82% – Audience

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Funny, but not good as he usually is…

Funny, but nowhere near as funny as ‘Completely Serious’ was.

I’m a big fan of his in general, but it just seemed like he was trying too hard on this one. His real talent is being casually outrageous, but in ‘Happy Thoughts’ many of the jokes came off as somewhat contrived and formulaic, not to mention pandering to the crowd… nothing brilliant about calling the founding fathers ‘racist scumbags’ in front of a San Francisco crowd, and honestly, that’s kinda out of line either way (and yes, I’m okay with the jokes about having sex with a baby, but draw the line at the founding fathers, call me crazy).

Had a lot of funny moments and is worth watching to be sure, but don’t expect magic.

High Speed

Daniel Tosh brings his high-speed stream of consciousness delivery on stand-up tour and, here, in a concert film recorded in San Francisco …. well, on video, almost certainly, and on Comedy Central, home of his often gross but always sardonic TOSH.0 TV show.

I’m a fan of his work, even when he constantly crosses the line between humorous transgression and the disgusting variety. Here he stays more securely on the safe line of the divide but his constant willingness to say what we think but rarely dare to say is a lot of fun.

My one issue with watching this on TV is the constant commercial interruptions. They interrupt the speed and flow of the jokes and it takes too long to bring the watcher up to speed again. This is one worth seeing on DVD or, when it shows up, on Comedy Central on Demand, which doesn’t have insurance commercials every three minutes.

Hilarious but Slower than His Other Specials

I enjoy Daniel Tosh’s comedy. I find it satirical and clever. It is purposely offensive and in this special most of his targets are on-point. I found this installment very funny, but a little slower than Completely Serious and People Pleaser. I wouldn’t miss this one if you are a fan of him or standup comedy in general, though.