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Two scientists uncover a meteorite impact site in the Arctic tundra, but it kills one scientist and infects the other. A nearby base takes in the lone survivor whilst trying to understand what happened. The lone survivor may not be the person they think she is.—Jesse Palangio

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Blood and Snow Movie Reviews

This is a hard miss…

Right, well I had, of course, never heard about the 2023 sci-fi horror movie “Blood and Snow” from director Jesse Palangio, prior to stumbling upon it by random chance here in 2024. Of course I opted to sit down and watch the movie, on account of it being a horror movie that I hadn’t already seen.

The storyline in “Blood and Snow” felt like a watered down homage to the classic John Carpenter movie “The Thing”, except “Blood and Snow” was lacking the entertaining storyline, the good cast and the impressive special effects that “The Thing” had. In fact, “Blood and Snow” had nothing even remotely close to what “The Thing” had. And it felt like writers Rossa McPhillips and Simon Phillips weren’t even trying.

The narrative in the movie is slow paced, and there isn’t exactly a whole lot of anything overly interesting happening. And that makes sitting through “Blood and Snow” quite an ordeal. I was close to giving up on watching it several times throughout the course of the 93 minute runtime.

Of the entire cast ensemble, I was only familiar with actor Vernon Wells. And lets just be honest here, he isn’t exactly A-list material. The acting performances in the movie were fair enough, despite the fact that the actors and actresses had nothing to work with in terms of an interesting or entertaining script, or a detailed character gallery.

If you enjoy horror movies, and if you have an ounce of love of “The Thing”, do yourself a favor and give “Blood and Snow” a wide berth. It simply isn’t worth the effort. I ended up tossing the towel in the ring 55 minutes into the boredom that is “Blood and Snow”, by then I just couldn’t take any more of the suffering.

My rating of this dumpster fire of a movie lands on a generous two out of ten stars.

Sucker for a good “The Thing” remake. (x3)

I went in hoping for something good. I LOVED “The Thing” and it’s remake. I was let down. The acting was nauseating; I didn’t believe any emotion any of the actors tried to portray. This is a college level movie, at best. The characters are one dimensional and have no growth. The story line is completely predictable. I blame the writer. This was hashed out in a drunken weekend. Movies are meant to transport us out of our own lives. To immerse ourselves in something we will never experience. All I felt in watching this movie was “when is the good part coming.”. I have nothing bad to say about any of the actors; but, I don’t have anything good to say either. I’d pass on watching this.