A Holiday Spectacular (2022)

80% – Audience

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Absolutely loved it!!!

This by far is the best Hallmark Christmas movie!!!! It’s full of nostalgia and beautiful scenes and it was wonderful seeing Ann Margaret and Eve Plumb (a.k.a. Jan Brady) starring in it!!

The storyline is just a basic “feel good” kinda movie and everyone was such so nice and kind to one another… no fake “ad executives, real estate developers, doctors, writers, personal shoppers, creative marketing directors, singers, antique shop owners,etc”, no fake “going back in time, needing a fake boyfriend for the holidays, falling in love with a prince, etc”, no fake Christmas towns with fake snow or broken down vehicles, no talking to angels or Santa’s changing the course of someone’s personality or life… just a very good story as told by a grandmother to her granddaughter auditioning for a part in a musical!!

You can’t get much better than that!!!!!

Thank you Hallmark Channel for a wonderful movie!!

Beautiful story.

Margaret wants to join the Rockettes and perform in front of an audicience. So, one day, she lies to her parents and fiance and she just goes for it and auditions: she gets the part and moves to NYC just for the season. There she meets handsome John who also has a dream: go to NYU and become a photographer journalist.

It is unreal that they keep meeting everywhere in a city that is so big, but anyway… I read that a few of the details regarding the Rockettes are also off but we can let them slide when we are presented with such a beautiful story, right? Other than love, this story has friendship, it encourages people to follow their dreams, and being themselves. I also appreciate that none of the girls were made “the popular girl/villain”.

Lovely movie, lovely cast. The leads had chemistry and honestly? I was charmed by both of them, specially Derek Klena and I’m gonna need him in a modern day Hallmark movie. Maybe he can even sing?

It is different than the usual movies Hallmark offers, you even forget you are watching that channel.

A real movie – one of the few I’ve rated a “10”

This was a Hallmark movie? I was overwhelmed by the writing, acting, scenery, and beautiful storyline in this show, and I’m so grateful for the production here as part of the 2022 Christmas season offerings from Hallmark. The retelling of a love story by a grandmother to her dancer wannabee granddaughter was a special touch of reality for a misty-eyed memory of a lifetime of love and dance. And the Rockette story – maybe they should have paid for the feel good public relations on the whole Radio City dream. It really did feel like a loving family, supporting each other in making great entertainment as a backdrop to the plot. I want to see this movie every year at Christmas and that’s not something that can be said very often!