Dropa (2019)

  • Year: 2019
  • Released: 06 Dec 2019
  • Country: United States
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  • IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1822395/
  • Rotten Tomatoes: https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/dropa
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  • Available in: 720p, 1080p,
  • Language: English
  • MPA Rating: TV-MA
  • Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
  • Runtime: 101 min
  • Writer: Wayne Slaten
  • Director: Wayne Slaten
  • Cast: Jason Douglas, David Matranga, James Hong
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Dropa Storyline

For centuries, the Dropas’ cocoons lay dormant until they were released from the ocean depths by a Soviet nuclear explosion. The aliens were integrated into society as slave labor but within a few years a deadly virus spread throughout the Western Territory killing millions of humans. The government blamed the contagion on spores from the Dropa cocoons. In response, a secret military squad known as the Legion was formed to exterminate the alien threat.Set in an alternate history communist America five years later, Dropa opens as Monroe, a former member of the Legion, is brutally murdered in a back alley outside a bar by a renegade Dropa named Mikhail. The best of the Legion’s former trackers, Harrison, is forced out of retirement by The Party to eliminate the alien quickly and discretely. He begins his hunt by questioning Yelena, a bartender working the night of Monroe’s murder. He discovers she is part of an underground resistance sympathetic to the Dropa and holds a vendetta against the government for the death of her parents. Yelena reveals Mikhail’s whereabouts and that the Dropa had given her a message for Monroe, “There’s a traitor among the Legion”.Harrison follows up on Yelena’s information with Mikhail’s landlord Jin and soon begins to close in on his target. His search is aided with startling secrets about the Dropa from Arthur another member of the Legion. Arthur’s revelations to Harrison and Mikhail’s need for revenge lead both to a final battle that will peel back the secrets of Harrison’s identity, merge his past and present and send him into a future that has become both clearer and cloudier at once. Harrison will be forced to decide how to exist in a world where fear is a weapon, lies are dressed as truth and entire populations are disposable.

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Dropa Movie Reviews

Call a rusty bladerunner a spade

Ok, here’s the deal on low budget scifi/horror — fans bend over backwards to praise them as they ignore factors they would not in any other genre which they weren’t particular fans of.

This is a low budget scifi horror flick. That means mostly closeup shots, because all the other shots cost money. It means substandard actors. It means clunky dialogue and clumsy dialogue delivery and plot pacing. It usually means heavy amounts of ripping off better-known movies. Dropa has all the above.

Yes, this HEAVILY rips off Bladerunner. A fanboi would say it “pays homage.” Ok, it does that. And not badly, either. But it does it, a lot. It’s also a James Cameron homage, or ripoff, namely the Alien series. That’s ok. It does it decently.

But the lead actor? Ugh. Acts like he came from porn. He substitutes intensity for a furrowed brow that almost never lets up. As if he has a 100-minute, uninterrupted headache. That’s just not real. And worse– it’s just not necessary. And we have to watch him in almost every minute of this film. He’s pretty and hardbodied, but since this is constant-close-up territory, we have to watch his face a lot, and that face isn’t up to the task.

This movie’s best feature? The plot writing. It does an above-average job of creating an alternate earth world (again, too much like Bladerunner), but it does it with thought. I can tell the best parts of this movie were left in the discarded script notes. It’s nothing revelatory, but it’s as good and occasionally better than many big-name tv series, especially standards like TWD franchise and similar.

Not bad – almost great

Ignore the bad ratings on this one – the reviewers mostly got it right. This is an entertaining sci-fi film. It won’t go down as a great film, but it’s worth the time spent watching.

Thoughtful Sci-Fi Police Procedural With Depth

In this brooding sci-fi police procedural, David Matranga plays Harrison (or “Harry,” as he often called here), a melancholy cop in an alternate Earth where America has become a Russian outpost following a nuclear war, an apocalypse that also released previously unknown creatures, Dropa, from the ocean’s depths that humankind subsequently almost completely wiped out. The “almost” is the hook on which DROPA hangs, as Harrison spends the movie seeking a renegade surviving Dropa (well played by Jason Douglas with an ironic Russian accent) that is hunting the killers of its species.

The movie’s low-key atmosphere accentuates the noir-ish style of writer-director Wayne Slaten, who with each movie further demonstrates a fine command of the medium. His script’s concentration on characterization over B-movie action adequately pulls off the ambitious alternate universe story, with its frequent flashbacks into the pasts of Harrison and the Dropa antagonist. These potent asides to the main action bring the somewhat muddy motivations of these characters into better focus. Visually, the Dropa’s monstrous look is conveyed with welcome restraint, and the CGI views of a “futuristic” Houston (where the movie was shot) are also thankfully abbreviated and, therefore, more effective. Director Slaten accentuates the up close and personal treatment of the characters by relying upon tight closeups of his actors, further underlining the movie’s intimacy. Those looking for a blown out BLADE RUNNER clone may be disappointed here, but the rest will appreciate the thoughtful plot-line, well written dialogue and decent performances.