Stockholm Bloodbath (2023)

  • Year: 2023
  • Released: 18 Jan 2024
  • Country: Sweden, Denmark
  • Adwords: N/A
  • IMDb:
  • Rotten Tomatoes:
  • Metacritics:
  • Available in: 720p, 1080p,
  • Language: English
  • MPA Rating: N/A
  • Genre: Action, History, War
  • Runtime: 145 min
  • Writer: Erlend Loe, Nora Landsrød
  • Director: Mikael Håfström
  • Cast: Sophie Cookson, Alba August, Emily Beecham
  • Keywords: based on true story, 16th century, mass execution,
43% – Critics
false% – Audience

Stockholm Bloodbath Storyline

Anne and Freja seek revenge on the men who murdered their family. They end up in Stockholm, where they are drawn into a political power struggle between Sweden and Denmark which culminates in a mass execution.

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