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Astonishingly Honest Depiction Of Deeply Tragic Events in Poland Of 1970

I am both Russian and Pole and I admire Polish cinema as well as strong Russian one. The lifelong interest in Polish history is my passion and so I was very deeply curious about 2011′ s Polish film Black Thursday. Janek Wisniewski Dead. The very theme of 1970’s Gdansk / Gdynia Shipworks strike is a hugely interesting one, so I watched this film at one go and with miffled breath. And there was no any disappointment. In fact, this is a tremendou;sy powerful movie depicting severa; tragic days of Polish modern history, when workers had a strike protesting against prices growth. Whet we see is a multi-faceted canvass showing several people and their fate within these events. I will not retell the film or dislose any details. Insread, I will say that a very correct tonality, well-paced tenpo, excellent mix of real documentary films and new movie, awesome depth of characters, including those in the common folk or military ranks is a breathtaking winner. The film is deeply tragic, it shows everyday life of Poles in 70’s astounishigly well. Filmmakers managed to portray both wrath of strikers, cold-blood brutality of the army, senile frenzy of Political leaders, and an overwhelming sense of despair, frea, loss, pain, excruciating delirium and frenetic violence. This is a must-see film, but be warned – it is vert honest, brutal, col, even merciless.