The Communion Girl (2022)

  • Year: 2022
  • Released: 11 Aug 2023
  • Country: Spain
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  • Available in: 720p, 1080p,
  • Language: Spanish
  • MPA Rating: N/A
  • Genre: Horror
  • Runtime: 98 min
  • Writer: Guillem Clua, Víctor Garcia, Alberto Marini
  • Director: Víctor Garcia
  • Cast: Carla Campra, Aina Quiñones, Marc Soler
  • Keywords: evil puppet, creepy doll, costume horror, horror mystery, suspense,
60% – Critics

The Communion Girl Storyline

Spain, late 1980s. Newcomer Sara tries to fit in with the other teens in this tight-knit small town in the province of Tarrgona. If only she were more like her extroverted best friend, Rebe. They go out one night at a nightclub, on the way home, they come upon a little girl holding a doll, dressed for her first communion. And that’s when the nightmare begins.

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The Communion Girl Movie Reviews

The first 10 review must be the directors mom

This is my third review so far and my first two reviews were motivated by unrealistic review average.

In this case, the movie is not awful but is mediocre at best. It could be a 6-7 horror movie but it borrows too much from other great movies like The Ring and Dark Water.

The plot is interesting but it starts to decline the moment after they try to stop the curse almost exactly as in The Ring (I’m talking about finding the corpse)

The music isn’t great and the scary moments could be better. This also applies to the special effects.

Overall I strongly recommend you skip this one. Instead of this movie try “A tale of two sisters”.

The Spanish chiller packs genuine screams , thrills and horrifying deaths

Creepy motion picture with chills , thrills and terrible murders. Taking as a starting point the bizarre urban legend of the ghost of a girl who appeared on the day of her first communion, the filmmaker Victor García elaborates in his first foray into Spanish cinema an intriguing and gruesome rural horror film set in May 1986. After a night out, in a little town anchored in the past, the recently arrived Sara and her friend Rebe decide to hitchhike home. During the journey, a girl dressed as a communion crosses them on the road. Along the way , they encounter a doll wearing a communion dress. The doll, a symbol of a tradition that is given to children who have just received their first sacrament, ends up at Sara’s house as a gift for Judith. The young friends beging investigating and eventually figure out the origin of the doll , leading them to discover an eerie legend that haunts the mysterious location . From that moment, their lives will become hell . She’s lost !. She’s alone !. And she’s cold ! . In the name of the Father, and the Son…!

This chilling pìcture contains bit good fun with grisly killings , relentless horror and lots of blood . This ¨La niña de la comunión (2022)¨ can be rated as a ¨Rural Terror ¨ flick set at a very conservative town in Tarragona , Spain , as the nightmare starts when our protagonists come upon a little girl holding a doll, dressed for her first communion , from now on , a series of inexplicable situations begin to happen . This chiller takes as reference emblematic films of horror movies such as ¨The Ring¨, ¨Nightmare on the Elm street¨, as well as James Wan’s films : ¨Annabelle¨saga , to create a story with its own mythology to which is added ¨The figure of a disturbing doll with a curse¨, according to its director . The film is starred by a group of young and mostly unknown performers led by Carla Campra (¨Veronica¨) , Marc Soler (¨Todos Mienten¨) , Aina Quiñones (¨No Matarás¨) and Carlos Oviedo (¨Las Leyes de la Frontera¨).

It displays a tense and suspenseful musical score by composer Marc Timón . As well as colorful cinematography , though mostly dark , by cameraman José Luis Bernal . The motion picture was regular but professionally directed by Víctor Garcia . This Spanish director with an international career is expert on terror sequels , such as : ¨Return to House on Haunted Hill¨ , ¨Mirrors 2¨ , ¨Hellraiser revelations ¨, ¨30 Days of Night: Blood Trails¨and other terror films as ¨Gallows Hill¨ , ¨Arctic Predator¨ and ¨An Affair to Die For¨ . ¨La niña de la comunión¨ (2022) rating : 5.5/10 . Average but acceptable and passable.

Too predictable. Nothing special. Bad movie

This movie is not different for any other low cost horror movie. The script was too predictable, the story is poor and lack of context, this was a two hours waste of time. Maybe the actors is the only thing that I can rate, in fact I gave 3 stars because the acting was great. Nothing more.

When you have to animate a demon is that you have a problem and this movie have an animated demon. Is the only thing that I can share.

Summary: if you can avoid to see this film, do it. But if you have no choice and you have to watch the film, be prepared for lost valuable time of your life.

Maybe the next time…