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A couple with opposing choices when it comes to children but destiny has something else planned for the childhood sweethearts.

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Mister Mummy Movie Reviews

It’s a torture!

Pathetic , boring ,Irritating, logic less and story less crap. Nothing could be worst than this movie in 2022. It’s hard to believe that Shaad Ali like director made such a pathetic movie.

He had given OK Jaanu and Saathiya like wonderful movies in the past but God knows what compelled him to make such a pathetic movie.

Movie appears more like a parody and not a single actor is there who has done serious acting . Everyone is doing over acting to their maximum extent.

I hr 37 mins movie is just stuffed with songs at every 10 mins interval. Story is nowhere just the the logic and acting. How producers got convinced to make this movie ?

Genelia has forgotten acting. So, don’t try to give her lead roles again. 2-5mins cameo is acceptable but watching her poor acting for a full movie is no less than a torture.

I completed the movie in just 20 mins by fast forwarding the scenes. It’s a torture and the director and story writer need to take psychiatric treatment b’cos they have lost their minds .

Minus star rating should be given an option just for this movie.

Stay away

Sameer lodaya

One has to stay away from this movie as it has nothing to entertain you

Shockingly this movie was released in theatre where I can imagine how one would had felt after buying tickets

Same sick jokes of Riteish which now irritates he and the writer has to understand now is the trend of dark humour and not whatsapp jokes

About script I don’t know how one can even think about it and climax was one of the worst

As always Iam sorry for negative review this is only to encourage you to come up with some good ideas to entertain us

Riteish and geneliya is doing great in VED Marathi movie.

They got excited and made a royal mess

This film could have been a very unique film. It talks about a syndrome hardly anyone (atleast in India) has heard about. I remember in 2014 a film called Heartless released starring Adhyayana Suman which too talked about a weird unique syndrome of a person being active despite being sedated . Mister Mummy too talks about a unique syndrome but sadly the makers got so excited to show us this that they forgot that a good engaging script and proper screenplay is needed as well.

Being just a touch above 90 mins long, you assume it will be a short Swift film but no! It’s screenplay is filled with such utter nonsense in the name of entertainment that these 90 mins also become a torturous watch. If you had to show us a unique thing , you should atleast show it in a proper way but no! They hurry to the end with no emotions nothing , no comedy nothing , but loads of irritation throughout.

You have an irritating media woman popping out of nowhere to interview in the most cringiest way possible. You have a cringy Mahesh Manjrekar (please Mr. Mahesh don’t do these terrible roles we are not suited to see you in) who is overacting. You have jokes that are unfunny. You have kids , English kids that understand Hindi it seems. You have a Genelia , who has completely forgotten to act now. Everything is wrong about this film.

Even Ritiesh is out of form in this film thanks to poor dialogues given to him. Poor man tries his best to make you laugh but fails . Songs are plenty and they pop up out of nowhere.

Overall , a forgettable comeback film of Genelia D Souza/ Deshmukh. Clearly she’s forgotten acting in her long break . And the film does 0 justice to the unique topic it has tried to show. 2 stars only for the attempt to bring the unique topic on screen.