Paranormal Whacktivity (2013)

19% – Critics
19% – Audience

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I have never reviewed a movie on IMDb before. This inspired me to do so. To be fair, I could not make it past the 20 minute mark, and a review should be by someone who has watched the movie in its entirety, however, I believe if a movie is SO BAD you can’t even sit through it, that itself says something.

Kudos to the people who suffered through it, giving it a chance, but my husband and I couldn’t find the remote fast enough! We enjoy stupid humor, but there’s a difference between intentionally stupid and just plain dumb. B movies can be great if they’re done the right way, this wasn’t even B movie quality. Z maybe. The attempts at humor (that I saw) could have been written by a 10 year old who finds farts hysterical. Not just funny, fall-on- the-floor annoying funny. The story could have been good if it was written better, and maybe it got better later, but I didn’t stick around to find out.

A few people who actually wasted their lives on this trash gave much more in depth reviews. They can explain better why you shouldn’t subject yourself to such drivel. Heed their warnings!

Lost a few brain cells attempting to endure this

Michael and Courtney are a couple with trouble in the bedroom due to an overtly horny mostly unseen demon pleasing Courtney nightly in this completely laugh-free spoof of Paranormal Activity (which is sadly threatening to become its own sub-genre as of late)

The two leads lack chemistry or comedic timing, the later might’ve even been disconcerting had the writing been anything above the sub-par crap that it is. The sheer fact that I sat through it all speaks more to my sheer boredom than anything else or perhaps hopeless positivity that this would get better (ie. vaguely watchable) Spoiler alert: it does not. This awfulness is streaming on Netflix currently but I advise you to steer clear of it.

Where did the comedy go…?

For a spoof on the “Paranormal Activity” movie and that type of genre in general, then “Paranormal Whacktivity” was fairly boring and uneventful. And actually for a comedy, then “Paranormal Whacktivity” was frightfully devoid of laughs and funny moments.

The story is about a young couple that have moved into a new house, but there is something in the house with them. The woman is never in the mood to be intimate with the guy, who is in turn always in the mood. They seek out the help of a psychic to find out more about the demonic entity that is haunting the house.

I will say that the movie did have potential, in regards to the story, especially because it is usually always nice with a spoof movie. However, nothing just clicked in this movie, and the jokes were lame and lacking humor. I can honestly say that I didn’t laugh a single time throughout the entire movie. Yet, still I watched the movie to the end, because it might just pull out something surprising.

But it didn’t.

Production-wise, then “Paranormal Whacktivity” was actually quite good, and the acting was adequate – not great – but adequate. And also effects-wise, then the movie was alright. Not superb or spectacular in any way, though, mind you.

However, it was just really difficult to find anything overly enjoyable about this movie. And truth be told, then there are some much better “Paranormal Activity” spoofs available.