Robe of Gems (2022)

80% – Critics

Robe of Gems Storyline

Isabel is in the middle of divorce proceedings. She moves into an old mansion once owned by her family. When the sister of Isabel’s co-worker Marta disappears without a trace, police chief Roberta starts investigating the case. Roberta’s son is also involved in drug trafficking, which drives the concerned detective to despair. Marta also makes her living working for a local drug gang without the police chief’s knowledge. The three women’s path to redemption is overshadowed by tragedy and violence.—jakkepoes

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Robe of Gems Movie Reviews

A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, wrapped in an enigma…

Long languid shots…constant chitting of insects you can feel the heat. Visually interesting, but not beautiful. A bit like watching Shakdspeare in17th century English and having to let it wash over you while you pick up bits and pieces. Of course Shaksspeare has a story. This barely does. It’s disjointed and the thread that ties it together is very thin. We asked someone on the way out what he thought hoping he was more knowledgeable. “It’s a mystery,” he said, without any sense of irony…. Yes. Mysterious.

Two extremely long hours of random scenes with no plot

Two hours of random, extremely long scenes put together with no actual plot. Those scenes that could have been cut to a few seconds stretch out for minutes like chewing gum (e.g. A mentally ill woman asking her gardener to hurt her while he is chopping trees, a mother fighting with her wannabe-gangster son over his clothes, a girl swimming on the surface of a pool, people searching for a missing woman in the dark). Displaying all those scenes in one room with additional information would have been a nice art project maybe, but as a movie it was just extremely boring. I regret I didnt just leave the Berlinale screening. It is such a shame that the director failed to actually tell the terrible tales of the countless missing victims in Mexico in an interesting way.


Too much emphasis on making good looking images spoil the film. Then making shots that last 10 minutes looking at a tree or a cactus don’t mean anything. The movie ca cut off 50 minutes of unnecessary mise en scene arrangements.