Your Boyfriend is Mine (2022)


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It was a ok movie

The boyfriend didn’t use common sense because the woman’s intention for him was very obvious. The girlfriend didn’t put her foot down and demanded respect, so there wasn’t any. Things was just to obvious and they was clueless, which made the movie not as good as it could have been.

It’s so bad it’s good

This movie seems like it was written by a 14 year old boy. However it’s it the catagory of being so stupid, it’s hilarious. Me and my wife have some one liners from it ?

Why Are We Watching this?

We asked ourselves that question several times but the question morphed into “Who casted this stinker?” And that question morphed into “who the heck wrote this drivel?” There wasn’t a single character that you cared about. Matter of fact, you could have walked out on the sidewalk and assembled a better cast in, like, five minutes.

Ben, or Lance, or whatever- was a total waste of time in this film, but it did look like he practiced diligently on jerking downward on the chains. (Talk about a little “Misery” rip off…..) And Calli???? No guts, no glory.

This one has very little entertainment value. Forgettaboutit!