Black Rat (2010)

  • Year: 2010
  • Released: 05 Jun 2010
  • Country: Japan
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  • Available in: 720p, 1080p,
  • Language: Japanese
  • MPA Rating: TV-MA
  • Genre: Drama, Horror
  • Runtime: 76 min
  • Writer: Futoshi Fujita
  • Director: Kenta Fukasaku
  • Cast: Misaki Yonemura, Hiroya Matsumoto, Rina Saito
  • Keywords: high school, suicide,

Black Rat Storyline

Six classmates receive an e-mail from Asuka; who supposedly committed suicide. Later that night they all get together in a classroom and are surprised by a person wearing a bloody rat mask. The costumed Rat quickly begins attacking them while screaming; this is revenge for Asuka’s death.

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Black Rat Movie Reviews

Alright watch for a low budget student film like flick

This is a Japanese slasher film that doesn’t focus in on the blood and gore but the twist and structure of the story. It gives quite a lot of flashback in order to get all the pieces together. I seen a lot of Asian films so this movie isn’t anything new, besides the few twists which I didn’t expect. For viewers that isn’t use to Asian cinema this one might come off as a unique film or even a cult film. Personally for the low budget and low resources they had, this movie is actually alright. It’s not really a thought-provoking movie either and isn’t all that clever. But again for a low budget student film like flick, it’s a alright watch.


Black Rat

Directed by Kenta Fukasaku, the son of Battle Royale director Kinji Fukasaku, this movie starts with a girl named Asuka wearing a rat mask and committing suicide by leaping off the roof of her school. 49 days later, a note brings her classmates together to be confronted by what seems to be her ghost.

But who does the mask belong to? Can it belong to more than one person? And will any of the students survive to see the next school bell?

I have to say, I’ve never seen a more adorable killer, a girl who loved to smile and who now leaves stickers and smiley faces on her revenge notes. Also, killing someone who doesn’t get a perfect score in karaoke is totally the modus operandi of a Japanese schoolgirl slasher.

It’s only 76 minutes long, which if you ask me, is the perfect length for a movie like this. Also, more scooters should blow up in films.


The film uses a book narrative about 7 rats to give you a quick introduction of characters, even if you don’t know which one is which until later. Asuka commits suicide. Later her 6 friends get a text message from her to meet her in school at midnight. Here the vengeance killings begin. We get flashbacks as to the reason behind the suicide and killings. It seems Asuka was suffering some teen angst with boyfriend problems and her friends not wanting to participate in her idea for a rat festival dance. Oh yes, the horrible bullies got on her because she smiled too much. Yup. That’s worth jumping off a building.

The slasher plot was slightly different. Always like those school girl uniforms. The scare factor was forced as was the plot. Somehow a girl in school uniform with a rat’s head mask doesn’t seem threatening.