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Molly Bachman, a young bestselling author buys the apartment of her dreams in the city. As she settles in, ready to start work on her next novel, strange sounds and bumps in the night begin to alarm her, along with the feeling of being watched and followed. As she discovers the dark history of the apartment, she eventually discovers a horrifying secret-a hidden entrance to another abandoned apartment behind the walls. What lies behind those walls leads to a shocking revelation.—Jakkepoes

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The whole movie was very boring and slow-moving, nothing much really happened. In fact, I feed like the plot didn’t move forward until the last 30 minutes when Molly uncovered the secret bunker. It so very easy to figure out that Kyle and Ethan were the same person. I don’t think it would’ve taken a detective to figure that out. I think they were going for some type of plot-twist, but it was just so very obvious from the beginning (although I did suspect the detective for a while). Also, the title doesn’t really make that much sense. The movie is titled “Hider in my House” but she lives in an apartment, therefore it should’ve been titled “Hider in my Apartment”. Overall the whole thing just felt like filler and that it took less than a week to film and produce. I am giving this movie a 4 out of 10 stars.

I Endured This For 15 Minutes

The acting was horrific. Typical low budget worst actors Lifetime movie that was irritating from the first bit of dialogue. 15 minutes was too long. Who are rating these movies a 6.1? I wonder what these people consider bad if this is good? Have they ever even seen a really good movie? Aside from the handful of good Lifetime movies per year they are all like this now. Can we bring back 90s quality Lifetime please?