Lost and Found (2022)

40% – Audience

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An inspiring documentary about overcoming homelessness and addiction in the City of Los Angeles.

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Powerful and uplifting

In cities like Los Angeles, homelessness is an issue that constantly confronts every resident and tourist alike, but it can be so hard to know how to respond. It’s hard not to be overwhelmed, and too easy to forget that this “issue” is really composed of many individual people’s stories.

This documentary does a wonderful job of telling several of those stories, with skillful cinematography and score selections that portray the intermingled beauty and suffering in Los Angeles. Instead of trying to present an oversimplified solution to a big problem, it instead shows the meaningful hope that people are experiencing through the power of faith and receiving God’s love-ranging from a dramatic and visible transformation to the quiet strength to just keep going.

The film left a deep emotional impact on me, gave me a better understanding of what my neighbors are going through, and encouraged me to know that God is really working.

Very insightful to an social problem most people don’t see daily.

Really enjoyed the layout of this documentary. Hearing first hand accounts of what life is/was like for homeless during the pandemic was informative and had me questioning city policies. Unfortunate to see how many people are affected by drugs and how that affects the rest of their decisions. Thank you for taking the time to bring light to an otherwise “swept under the rug” problem.