Doomsday Prophecy (2011)

13% – Critics
false% – Audience

Doomsday Prophecy Storyline

A book editor is in the posession of an artifact that gives him visions. He lets on that he has another book written ready for publishing and asks for a proof reader (by name) to come and collect it. When the proof reader arrives, he finds the book editor dead and upon touching the artifact, has visions himself about the ending of the world. The entire plot is based on the 2012 galactic allignment end of world scenario, and the lead character teams up with an attractive archeologist and together they run from rogue government agents who also want the artifact, whilst narrowly avoiding death both from being shot and by falling into the earth during massive earthquakes. Mean while the rest of the world is befalling massive destruction. with only hours to spare, the duo must somehow save the day.—Brett Moore

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Doomsday Prophecy Movie Reviews

Funniest Doomsday of the year

A mysterious clairvoyant provides Brooke (Jewel Staite from ‘Firefly’) and Eric Fox (AJ Buckley, an actor previously unknown to me) with instructions how to save the world from a dark star: they have to find those grumpy looking stone-heads from Easter Island – in Canada, because they don’t have time to travel to the SE Pacific Ocean anymore. To ensure nothing can go wrong, someone scribbled a note on a stone – and hid it in the forest 26,000 years ago. The two heroes are chased by agents who realize their mission doesn’t make any sense, but by then, it’s almost too late to save the world… with a small stick. Seriously.

There are 2 kinds of lousy disaster movies: the bad, boring ones, and the ones which are so bad they become funny. This is a funny one, and I definitely wasn’t bored watching it. I wouldn’t worry about the special effects as much as the other reviewers, it’s TV documentary, not cinema, but you can’t expect more for low budget. Instead, I’d rather wonder why actors don’t read the script first. If you can’t believe any of this actually could happen, that’s a bad start compared to disaster movie classics about earthquakes, climate changes or sinking ships.

Kind of boring.

This movie was not suspenseful or particularly interesting. The CGI was typically unnatural and very fake looking, there were a lot of failures to keep consistent with some of the supposedly scientific phenomenon, and it was a rather see-through plot with no surprises. The only saving grace about this movie was the actors were actually good. I think a lot more could have been done with this movie if it had had a better budget. It was almost like watching one of those semi-interesting science movies they show you in high school. In fact, I’m pretty sure most of those high school science movies had better graphics. Worth watching once if you are bored and have alcohol. Not something you’d turn off half way through out of sheer boredom, but not something I would watch again and/or recommend to others.

Not brilliant by any stretch, but one of SyFy’s more tolerable movies…

I say this as somebody who dislikes a vast majority of SyFy’s movies. Doomsday Prophecy actually did seem interesting in its idea, but I also approached it in trepidation in fear that it would be another Titanic II, Quantum Apocalypse, Alien vs. Hunter, Almighty Thor or 2010: Moby Dick. In my opinion though, although it is far from perfect or even brilliant, Doomsday Prophecy is one of their more tolerable efforts.

There is some cheesy dialogue, some of the supporting characters could have been better developed and some of the effects like with the ground cracking are rather cheap. The story is also uneven for me. The film does start off promisingly and for a while unlike some SyFy movies actually feels as though there is a story and an original one at that plus it is paced reasonably, but it does meander with a silly subplot involving some shady characters and few scenes that feel like filler rather than serving purpose to the story and an ending that feels rather rushed and abrupt.

On the other hand, the scenery is quite good and the editing and photography are an improvement over most SyFy efforts, not looking as slipshod as something like Titanic II, Mega Piranha or Dinocroc vs Supergator. The music is adequate even if nothing stands out as such and the sound is more authentic than some of the bizarre or misplaced sound effects I’ve heard in past SyFy movies. While there are some underdeveloped support characters, the leads are somewhat likable especially the protagonist. The cameos are decent and AJ Buckley is solid, but the best thing about Doomsday Prophecy is easily Jewel Staite, she looks very natural and gives her character a lot of charm and wide-eyed innocence.

All in all, not bad, not good, just a tolerable enough if not exceptional in any shape or form to spend a couple of hours or so with. 5/10 Bethany Cox