The Wedding Fix (2022)


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Gwen is a TV reporter who overplans everything. She gets dumped by her boyfriend, and a video of them goes viral online, embarrassing her further. Then, she has to be the maid of honor at her best friend’s wedding. When the wedding planner leaves early, Gwen and the best man, Josh, step in to help. Josh is a casual and free-spirited nature tour guide, and at first, their personalities clash. Over the next few days, though, while getting supplies, building a photobooth, and fixing emergencies together, Gwen and Josh form a connection. He encourages her to live more in the moment. Gwen rethinks her outlook on life, and she and Josh start falling for each other. However, some last-minute problems on the wedding day could bring their budding romance to a halt.—Patrick Lin

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The Wedding Fix Movie Reviews

A Feel-good Gem

This is a comfort chick flick with predictable plot and passable acting, elevated by beautiful scenery.

Every character is stereotypically nice. But what is a feel-good ROM-COM without its harmless tropes? Just kick back, suspend your belief, and enjoy this little gem!

Hate to be a guest at this wedding

Was there a wedding? Was there not a wedding? If I was a guest, I would not know what was happening. Who’s wedding was it exactly? A speech not about the couple and stealing their thunder by kissing in front of everyone! There were some funny moments like the proposal rejection, some nice forest scenery, but that’s about it.

No chemistry

Beautiful scenery and visually appealing but sadly ruined by the lack of chemistry between the two main characters. They always seemed to be trying too hard to fake it. The second couple who were getting married were far more convincing.