The Labyrinth (2021)

75% – Critics
86% – Audience

The Labyrinth Storyline

A fantasy horror movie about high school students struggling to save their friends from evil spirits that are causing strange phenomena late at night at their school. Hee Min is the heir of the greatest exorcist in Korea, who is not yet aware of his own powers. So Young is a girl who is keeping a secret about the curse that is afflicting their school.

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School of the …

Paranormal activity? No pun intended, but one thing is for sure: this is not your run of the mill school. And when it get dark … and traps are being manipulated (or rather broken/destroyed/shut off) … well things happen. Things that are mostly CGI (not excellent but not too bad either – at least in my humble opinion).

That all being said, we get a lot of tropes here. And you will either go with the flow or be a bit annoyed by some of the things thrown at you. Or how characters react to things happening around them. A lot of scares and all that stuff – but not too well done. Feels like things are … well conjured up as they go along – no pun intended. Worse movies have been made, but you don’t have to watch this … especially if you are not a fan of Korean horror movies or horror movies in general.