Sentinel (2024)

35% – Critics
41% – Audience

Sentinel Storyline

Years after an alien invasion almost extinguished human mankind, refugee on a secret base on the Moon, three heroes decide to jump into a time travel in the desperate attempt to save the survivors but they don’t know that the Sentinel is waiting for them.

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Sentinel Movie Reviews

Oh my gosh this was awful!

I don’t even know where to begin reviewing this dreck. There’s really no story here, just a bunch of illogical, poorly written, poorly acted disjointed scenes filled with gibberish dialog. If I didn’t know better, I would wager this was written by some sixth graders as a joint class assignment. This film was literally all over the place. It’s like it couldn’t even decide what genre of filmmaking to which it wanted to belong. It’s part sci-fi, part zombie apocalypse, part horror, part drama, part action flick and part comedy (although the comical parts I sure weren’t written to be funny) and sadly, it FAILS miserably in every category. I really tried to give it a chance but after suffering through almost exactly half of this train wreck I just had to turn it off.

Italian Rip-Off Cinema is Alive & Well

I saw this in the theater during what I’m assuming was its minimal theatrical run and had an absolute blast w this flick.

This is like a modern rendition of what the Italian genre film industry was doing in the 80’s when they were shamelessly ripping off American film production hits like Alien, Conan, and Terminator.

Hats off to the filmmaking team behind this one to bring something like this into the modern cinematic realm.

So much bat-shiz crazy things are happening from one scene to the next. Things that I couldn’t even fathom. And I was just wondering how it even made sense. Absolute brilliance!

By the end of the film I was literally applauding.