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An unexpected and creative concept!

Deiva Machan was fun to watch? The film was an unexpected and creative concept packed with lots of twists. The negative just came from the casual acting and some redundancy, but overall, it was well executed.


-Soooo, Deiva Machan is not a movie that’ll make you burst out laughing, rather it’ll make you smile and giggle (at least that’s what it did for us). It was funny to see how every time there was a marriage proposal for Karthi’s sister, an unfortunate event would happen on the potential groom’s side.

As always Balasaravanan and Deepa Shankar add humor whenever they’re on set

-For his directorial debut, Martyn Nirmal Kumar did well; the storytelling was very fluent, we weren’t lost at all.

There were many unpredictable moments when we thought certain characters would react one way and then surprised us

-Karthi’s caring spirit was quite commendable, he was there for everyone even his sister’s love interest. He was a genuine guy who would go the extra mile to make people happy

It was great that the film stressed out was the urgency to stop believing in superstitions.

-S Elayaraja handling the editing did a fine job at understanding precisely what was funny about each clip to make the appropriate edits. The sounds and effects helped increase the charisma and humor of the scenes


–Is Deepa Shankar a typecast actor? Her performance seemed similar to ‘Soppana Sundari’s, but in Deiva Machan, she did a bit much. The comedy seemed forced and monotonous

-Some of the scenes became redundant especially when Karthi was trying to protect his sister’s love interest

The characters composing Karthi’s family were kind of cliche: made up of the typical father, brother, sis-in-law, nephew, niece, & grandma. Plus, Karthi had the typical best friend

–Performance across actors was not extraordinary, they all played it safe, no one really stood out in a memorable way.

Timepass movie …

RATED 7/10 Language: Tamil Source: Amazon Prime

The comedy and the one liners worked very well in this movie. This is good time pass movie to watch with family. Some of the scenes we were laughing loudly. They stretched the short story make it as a feature film and succeeded quite surprisingly on that.

This is not perfect one, it has its own cliche moments and stretched sequences. But with fast forward options and OTT platform release, made this movie as a quite comfortable watch.

Reduce your expectations and adjust your tone for the over acting and cliche moments, then it will really become enjoyable watch.