My Mom Made Me Do It (2022)


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When Jade finds out about her mother’s financial problems, she joins her crush in a series of high-profile burglaries to pay off her mother’s debts.

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A strange teen criminal film

These lifetime films made recently always have their main characters as growing up in single parents households, orphaned and sometimes fostered. Never living in normal homes with both parents happily married. It makes the character unrelatable and also excuses their mistakes. The main character Jade is 18 and has a small group of friends but one of them is murdered one night. At the same time, creepy Rick is hovering around at her friends house and makes a bunch of silly chat up lines. Jade isn’t interested in him but later she ends up as his partner in crime, but her reasons are innocent and to help her mother’s financial mess. He’s just a curious person with no actual home and says nothing about his family or what he does besides making Jade commit robberies. The mother ends up beaten and in hospital for snooping, and there she discovers where her daughter has been hiding but never thinks to call the police. When she does call the police, she’s far out in the woods and there’s no signal. Some of this film was likeable and others were too silly. Also the nasty villains came across as cartoonish.

Pretty good but a lot of bad parts.

Nice, different plot with a twist that surprised me. Overall, it was entertaining. My complaint was there were too many small stupid little things that dragged it down. My rating began as a 6. As the plot progressed towards the end, I was thinking 5. Then 4 or 3. Fortunately the twist occurred and so I raised it back to a more than generous 6. Great review, huh. Maybe I have writers block too.

Totally Unbelievable

They are really stretching the realms of imagination on this one. Jade wants nothing to do with Rick yet she willingly lies and sneaks out to see him numerous times. Nothing whatsoever to explain what the attraction is and how it came about. Then she willingly and inexplicably starts stealing and then claims she wants to run away with Rick. Oh, and the actress who plays Jade is so stiff and rigid in her expressions and delivery. C’mon LMN you have had years to improve the quality of your films, yet they seem to get worse. The writers on this one are hacks and whoever did the casting needs to go back to casting school.