Diamond in the Rough (2022)


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After the death of her parents, Ariana Alvarez is lost and can’t hold down a job because corporate life is so not her. To help her navigate post-college life, her doting Tío Jorge gets her a summer membership at his swanky country club and challenges her to make some friends…fast. But Ariana soon learns that life among the wealthy and golf-obsessed is a lot like being back in high school: cliques abound, mean girls are everywhere, and only the richest kids get to call the shots. Will the country club change Ariana-or will it be the other way around?.

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I really enjoyed Diamond in the Rough! The story and it’s characters were entertaining and relatable. I found this film to be nostalgic of Rom Coms of the past. It’s a fun watch!

Fun, enjoyable movie done well

Really enjoyed this movie. Characters quickly grow on you and they seemed perfectly casted. Laughs around every turn while simultaneously engaging the audience with a heartwarming story. Kudos to Creator+ for a creating such a fantastic film.

Terrible movie. Scam

This movie is honestly so terrible. First of all, the story is so all over the place it’s hard to follow a long. The little story that there is is so poorly written and boring. The fact you have to pay 9$ (a regular movie ticket) is a full scam. These “influencers” know that there teenage fans will pay to watch it and it’s ridiculous. Lastly, this movie is so poorly acted it makes you laugh. The only reason I gave this a 1/10 instead of a 0/10 is because the terrible acting can be comical at points. Please do not fall for this scam of a movie.