Last Resort (2022)


Last Resort Storyline

Two terminally ill hospice residents conspire to make their spouses fall in love with each other to lessen the impact of their death. Things go awry when they themselves fall in love and one of them begins to feel better.

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Last Resort Movie Reviews

Heart wrenchingly beautiful

Some days the tears are just ready to flow out of us. I saved Last Resort for one such day. This beautifully written and directed movie had me crying from start to finish and I loved it.

Here we are shown life, love and death as we so often do not slow down or stop to see them. The anger, gratitude, pain or complacency that can touch us all so differently is revealed. Take the time to sit and think about the themes within, for perhaps it will even help you redefine what true love means to you.

I hope that Last Resort is shown at festivals and within theatres. It is top class.

This is a must watch!