Big Mamma’s Boy (2011)

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32% – Audience

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Big Mamma’s Boy Movie Reviews

Almost passed out from cringing

Looking at lots of films in the age of Covid, and came across this Aussie one. I’m not sure you could do much worse than this. The central relationships – mother and girlfriend – are a mishmash of unconvincing farce and silly or unexplained predicaments. So you end up not caring about the outcome. It’s like someone said, ‘ah this ol idea is so good, the film will fly’. Well it crashed right after the pleasing opening credits and enjoyable soundtrack, never to be rescued.Whoever gave it a 10 out of 10 here must have been part of the marketing effort. Do not be misled, only a power outage could improve this film.

Come along for the ride…and the lasagna

My hat must be taken off to Frank Lotito and the rest of the cast and crew of Big Mamma’s Boy. They have pulled off a fantastically funny and fresh Italo-Australian film that crowds of people will enjoy. Whilst I can somewhat understand why certain critics aren’t wrapped in the film, I do think they are expecting too much from what is aimed at being a light hearted romp, focusing on the lives of many young Australian men that too can call themselves Mamma’s Boys.

Lets take a look at the actors involved. Firstly we have the man himself, Frank Lotito. Aside from starring as Rocco he also produced and wrote the screenplay. Frank is a comedian I have followed for years, ever since his big break gigs opening for Joe Avati. Frank is sensational in this film.

Next we have Carmelina Di Guglielmo who plays Roccos Mamma. It takes a special kind of person to play the role of Mamma, and boy can she do it. Her on screen presence and ability to make you laugh and cry at once is her greatest attribute.

I will stick to Roccos family for now and go onto Nonno, played by Osvaldo Maione. Every Italian kid, be them 5, 15 or 55 will always remember their Nonno walking around in his mutande (underpants). Osvaldo is brilliant as Nonno, and he even teaches a valuable lesson we can all take on board.

We will finish off family (although some might find that term used loosely in this part) with Pia Miller’s character, Maria. I am sorry but I will stick to my guns and say that Rocco should have gone with the second cousin. Pia is absolutely stunning on screen.

Roccos love interest Katie (played by Holly Valance) is your typical, Australian power-woman, something a good little Mammas boy should steer clear of…but not Rocco. Holly is very believable in this role.

Two of my favourite characters would have to be Mr & Mrs Cotoletta (played by Costas Kilias and Maria Venuti). Your typical, across-the-road Italian couple who spend their days washing the pavement (during water restrictions) and their nights drinking coffee and eating lasagna. Maria is delightful as is Costas (not bad for a Greek playing an Italian) Finally we have Greek Australian comedian George Kapiniaris who plays Roccos boss, Theo. Theo is a real womanizer with a passion for Roccos Mammas food. George plays the role perfectly and his on screen chemistry with Frank is awesome to watch.

The story is very simple, some may say predictable, however I want to commend Frank on keeping the story true to what he intended it to be. A great film for the entire Famiglia to enjoy.

9/10 from me.

Uniquely unfunny attempt at comedy

This has to be one of the most uniquely and individually poorly acted, horribly scripted, total failures of an attempt at comedy. Trying way too hard to be a goof-ball comedy this movie sinks and sinks to the bottom from beginning to the end. Not one character has the ability to endear him/herself to the viewer.

Why I stuck with this to the finish is a mystery to me. Maybe I subconsciously thought ‘it will get better’ – but it doesn’t. The stereotyping of each character almost becomes juvenile and offensive very soon in the story. And as an aside – what’s with those weird outfits the females wore? Very strange clothing!

If you want to have a good cry of disappointment – watch this stupid movie!