The Last Godfather (2010)


The Last Godfather Storyline

Young-goo (Hyung-rae Sim) the son of mafia boss Don Carini (Harvey Keitel), is too foolish to be part of the mafia elite. One day, Young-goo comes to his father and is trained by Tony V (Michael Rispoli) to be his father’s successor. A few days later, Young-goo accidentally rescues Nancy (Jocelin Donahue), the only daughter of Don Bonfante, the boss of a rival mafia family. But Vinnie (Jason Mewes), an under-boss of the Bonfante family kidnapped her and fabricates that Young-goo has taken her. Vinnie’s behavior provokes an armed conflict between the two families.

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The Last Godfather Movie Reviews

This movie is god-awful.

I gave it one star only because I couldn’t give it zero. Do not watch this movie.

This is NOT a movie for children!

This movie is a waste of time! Just because adults don’t laugh at this farce means automatically that it is a children’s movie. It is not a subject suitable for children.

This is okay for children.


First I am Korean. I know a lot about this movie and the directer. Actually, in Korea, lots people have been arguing about the quality of this movie.

Yes! Most adult Koreans do not like this movie and the rating is very low like here, but children do like this movie and seem to enjoy a lot.

If you have kids and wanna see one movie with them this is for you, but if you expect a really fun comedy movie for adults this may not be your movie.

Thanks for reading this.