Zombie Undead (2010)

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A car roars through the darkened country roads. Inside, a distraught Sarah, holding her stricken dad, Mark, is desperately trying to stem the flow of blood. Having been re-directed to an Evacuation facility on the edge of town, Steve, an off-duty Paramedic is in a race against time fully aware that Marks chances of survival are rapidly slipping away. The scene that greets them on arrival is one of chaos. The floor, awash with blood, is covered with the bodies of the dying and injured, doctors dart back and forth, clearly overwhelmed. A violent convulsion causes Mark to lose consciousness, heart stopped he slumps to the floor. As the adrenalin needle slams into her Fathers heart Sarah stumbles back and her world fades to black. Upon regaining consciousness Sarah is greeted by the uneasy silence of a seemingly deserted building. Bleeding and dazed she stumbles through the darkened corridors unaware of the fate that awaits her…—Rhys

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Zombie Undead Movie Reviews

Indi Brit Zombies

This is a zombie movie. There are zombies. People get chased and consumed. I don’t think it is giving away much to say that.

On the negative side, the storyline is unsurprising and the acting is variable. Perhaps that is why some of the reviews and ratings of this movie have been negative.

But the impressive things are the stylish look, sharp editing and satisfying music. I liked it, anyway. I saw it in a cinema alongside a load of enthusiastic zombie fans, and we all had a great time.

If you get this movie expecting it to be Avatar, you are sure going to be disappointed. But if you get it knowing it is an indi Brit zombie flic, then you can sit back and enjoy the gore.

There are worse zombie movies out there…

Funny how this movie scored such low rating. I am a huge zombie aficionado, but I must say that “Zombie Undead” is not amongst the worst of zombie movies that I have seen. Yeah, this was low budget, and yeah it was amateurish, but the director did a fair enough job, and the actors and actresses in the movie seemed to have fun and seemed to be in it for the love of zombie movies.

Story-wise, then “Zombie Undead” is as generic and textbook as it comes. A group of people become trapped in the hospital during a strange outbreak that causes the dead to come back to life (well, sort of) and with a ravenous hunger for living flesh.

Everything in the movie was straight out of the ‘How to make a zombie movie for dummies’ book, I will say that much. But still, it was done with a clear ambition and a clear motivation for the zombie genre, and that was what held the movie afloat.

Yes, there were flaws in the movie, obvious and bad flaws that should have been caught in the editing room. For starters, the woman being devoured in a hospital room blinked in one scene. And also in the lavatory scene, you could clearly see the camera man reflected in the metallic hand dryer apparatus on the wall. And also Michael, Jay’s younger brother, well you saw his eyes fluttering underneath the closed eyelids, even when he was supposed to be dead.

But still, the movie was a well-meant attempt, and I think they pulled it off nice enough. Sure, this isn’t the kind of movie that you will watch a second time around, as the movie just didn’t have that much to offer. But for a low budget movie it wasn’t too shabby.

There is a fair amount of blood and gore in the movie. Mind you, that the effects here were well-meant, but came off a bit questionable and not overly believable.

There are far worse low budget zombie movies out on the market. And “Zombie Undead” is worthy enough of a watching late at night if you are having a zombie marathon and is starting to run out of major Hollywood produced zombie movies.

Utter piece of crap!

After 45 minutes of “Zombie Undead” I fell asleep. Woke up 10 minutes later, renamed it “Directors family & friends in extremely bad make up” – and didn’t bother to rewind, as the 10 minutes of sleep probably saved me from further agony. I just wanted it to be over and forgotten as soon as possible – just as the careers of anyone who had anything to do with this “film”. Listening to paint dry is more entertaining than this, having my left arm ripped right out of the socket is less painful than watching this, watching snails crawl across a piece of cabbage is more exciting than this, a fart in outer space has more impact than this, a deaf hamster with one eye and a wooden leg can act better than this…etc. etc…you get the general idea? Just stay away…