Trapped with My Husband (2022)


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Melissa learns that her new husband Kevin is a philanderer with no ambition. The two become roommates from hell while Kevin remains in the house until the divorce is finalized, but when he turns up dead, all eyes are on Melissa.

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Trapped with My Husband Movie Reviews

It should have been called “Trapped with Silly Plot”

Yet another LMN movie with the usual attractive cast, silly plotline, and an ending you can figure out about 30 minutes before the ending.

(Note: If you read the LMN Schedule online, a major plot point is revealed.)

However, the movie is the typical “Who Done It” and it had me guessing that until (you guessed it) 30 minutes before the ending. To that end, this was pretty good.

As this is in the LMN Universe, you will see:

1. A mature, educated woman being connived by a not-too-smart sleazebag man.

2. A psycho neighbor nosing in on your business, then getting violent later on.

3. A teenage “Lolita-esque” character being more interesting than the lead.

4. A ridiculously over the top ending with silly dialogue and acting.

Not Oscar material, but a really fun watch,