Good Neighbours (2010)

  • Year: 2010
  • Released: 29 Jul 2011
  • Country: Canada
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  • Rotten Tomatoes:
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  • Available in: 720p, 1080p,
  • Language: English, French
  • MPA Rating: R
  • Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller
  • Runtime: 99 min
  • Writer: Jacob Tierney, Chrystine Brouillet
  • Director: Jacob Tierney
  • Cast: Jay Baruchel, Anne-Marie Cadieux, Diane D’Aquila
  • Keywords: suspicion, murder, serial killer, tenant,
67% – Critics
36% – Audience

Good Neighbours Storyline

It’s late 1995 in the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce (NDG) neighborhood of Montréal. In being a gossip, landlady Mme. Gauthier makes it a point to get to know the business of the tenants in her older four story walk-up apartment building. Third floor tenant Louise, whose life revolves around her two cats, Mozart and Tia Maria, and who has somewhat retreated from life otherwise, works as a waitress in a neighborhood Chinese-Canadian restaurant. Beyond her cats, she is fixated on the yet unsolved serial murders in NDG of young women, who are raped before their throats are slit. Spencer, who lives on the second floor, is at the moment largely confined to his apartment as he has been in a wheelchair ever since the car accident last year that claimed the life of his wife. His doctors believe that he will eventually walk again. He keeps himself busy by tending to the several elaborate aquariums in his apartment. While Louise and Spencer are friends, Mme. Gauthier and Spencer’s physical therapist Miss Van Ilen would like to see that friendship blossom into romance. Extremely loud and angry Francophone Valérie, who lives in the building with her often “away-on-‘business'” husband in their marital discord, is the bane of everyone else’s existence in the building, while they are the bane of hers, Mozart and Tia Maria getting into the garbage cans outside her window on the fire escape which is her most vocal current complaint. Having just moved into a top floor unit after a stint in China, socially awkward Victor, an elementary school teacher, does whatever he can to befriend Spencer and especially Louise, his attempts playing on what he believes is their most basic needs/wants. This combination of people and situations ends up being deadly, which may or may not be related to the serial murders. Individual self-preservation may take over in each person trying to keep his or her own fundamental secret.—Huggo

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Good Neighbours Movie Reviews

Cats, Neighbors and Killers, in a Potential Cult-Movie

In Notre-Dame-de-Grâce a.k.a. NDG, a residential neighborhood of Montreal, a serial-killer has raped and murdered three victims. In an old apartment building, the new tenant of the fourth floor Victor (Jay Baruchel) has just arrived from China with his cat Balthazar and befriends the waitress of a Chinese restaurant Louise (Emily Hampshire) that lives on the second floor with her two beloved cats Mozart and Tia Maria and the handicap Spencer (Scott Speedman) that is in a wheelchair and lives on the first floor.

Louise is on edge with the news about the murders in her neighborhood and Victor, who is an elementary school teacher, brings her home everyday after the working period and falls in love with her. Meanwhile, their alcoholic neighbor Valérie Langlois (Anne-Marie Cadieux) hates Louise’s cats and on the Christmas night, she poisons the pets.

Louise decides to revenge against Valerie simulating an attack of the serial-killer. But when she is returning home, she meets the real killer and Victor also sees him. When the police detective and the smart behavior psychologist Roland Brandt (Gary Farmer) arrive in the building for investigation, all the three neighbors become suspects.

“Good Neighbors” is a black-humor comedy with cats, neighbors and killers, in a potential cult-movie. The story is very well constructed, with tension and humor associated to great performances and weird lonely characters. The witty lines are great and I loved when Louise says “I do not know how people do that!”. I agree that this film is not for everyone, but there are many unfair reviews in IMDb. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): “O Suspeito Mora ao Lado” (“The Suspect Lives on the Next Door”)

good eerie vibe from good trio

It’s October 1995 Montreal. There is a serial killer out on the loose. Victor (Jay Baruchel) is moving into a 4th floor walkup. His neighbours are cat lady Louise (Emily Hampshire) and wheelchair bound Spencer (Scott Speedman). Louise is working at a local Chinese restaurant where waitress Johanne (Kaniehtiio Horn) is killed one night in the streets. Victor walks Louise home from the restaurant every night. Spencer turns out to be able to walk and somebody poisons Louise’s cat.

Director Jacob Tierney is able to get an offbeat eerie vibe sort of like ‘Shallow Grave’ except nothing so cool and thrilling. It’s a serial killer thriller that lives on its atmosphere for the most part. Baruchel is quirky cute. Hampshire is a quirky adoring cat lady. Speedman is good as Spencer hiding a secret. The three of them form a very compelling trio. The movie does need more tension. It would probably help to condense the timeline. It’s good creepy throughout with an underlining low key dark humor.


There is the story and there is the characters. And let me tell you, it must be the first time, weirdness has been depicted in such a funny and intriguing and honest way. I loved all those characters, who while seems similar had different agendas. I can tell you that although I was appalled by the female lead, I also was in love with her.

Quirkiness and mayhem, you can find everything that you won’t find in a big budget movie. Exceptionally cast and smartly played (Scott Speedman almost playing against type) this was one of my highlights of last year. Of course this will not appeal to everyone, being about people who essentially are anything but normal. But if you have a heart for good independent movies and like your story to not be predictable (safe one obvious twist maybe), you will cherish and love this one as I do/did!